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Radiobuffy.com International Comments 06

mercredi 1er janvier 2003, par cally



Ah well, I suppose I should return to my Vietnam Reader...and get the hell on with my night. Oh, an update on poor Prudence, my Camry. The engine is busted (and I am convinced that I am destined to be an avid pedestrian)...which NEVER happens in those cars, so there are no parts available for it. BUT, apparently it can be fixed...and our magic mechanic is going to try and have her fixed for me by Thanksgiving. Oh, and I’ve discovered the BEST RADIO STATION ON THE WEB !!! It’s magnificent I tell you ! Everyone go listen to it. Just click the little linky...right here ! Or go to http://www.zemok.com. I assure you, it is worth it. Oh, and one more thing...*clears throat* Joss Whedon is a fucking genius !!! Vale !

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