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Lorne and Wesley figure assortment - Photos

Thursday 27 January 2005, by Webmaster

Buffy the vampire slayer: Lorne and wesley figure assortment

A Diamond Select Release! In his brief stint as Watcher, Wesley proved to be more of a hindrance for Buffy, Faith, and the Scooby Gang and, relieved of his duties by the Council, turned rogue. Ultimately his demon-hunting escapades led him to the City of Angels where he found his niche within Angel Investigations, partnered with Angel, Cordelia, and Lorne - the charismatic, karaoke-singing, red-eyed, green-skinned demon played by Andy Hallett. The "Season 4" Wesley figure comes with a shotgun, Angel’s soul, Rhinehardt’s Compendium, and weapons cabinet, while "Judgement" Lorne features a seabreeze, a microphone, and stage base, and "No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" Lorne boasts a removable head, platter, basket, and books. Each figure in this series...

was sculpted by Gentle Giant is based off of scans of actors Alexis Denisof ("Wesley") and Andy Hallett ("Lorne")


Action Figure..........SRP: $14.99Ea.

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Lorne and Wesley figure assortment - Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/wesley-figure.jpg IMG/jpg/lorne-figure.jpg