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Los Angeles Serenity screening - Seats Available

Friday 19 August 2005, by Webmaster

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Posts: 306 Posted: 18 Aug 2005 3:50 pm
Post subject: SERENITY Screening Tuesday August 23, Invite From Universal

Ok Everyone here is the DEAL

All the Browncoats who attended the Testimonial Tapings Wednesday August the 17 were given invites to the OFFICAL PRESS SCREENING of Serenity to be held Next TUESADY August 23rd.

Thanks to all of us who attended the Testimonials, if you check the email account you supplied at sign in you will find a Email from universal confirming you have been added to the Guest List , plus one, so that’s gonna account for some where around 90 people, as there were 43 of us to show up plus our one guest, thou not all of us will be bringing a plus one.

Additionally the deal was original the first 200 people in line were to be admitted, now that those of us at the Testimonial are guaranteed a seat that leaves it open for all you Browncoats in the Los Angeles area to come on down and get you butts in line. SO figure on about 100 or so Empty Seats for you to try and Claim.

Here is the Info,

Tuesday, August 23rd Mann’s Chinese 6 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

Only the First 200 people will be admitted

You May Begin Lining Up At 5:30pm

I am gonna be making a day of it along with several other Browncoats, feel free to come join us. My name is Liam, You can contact me by Email BigDamnHero@Gmail.com and by calling my cell phone 562 310 1338 Hope to see as many of you as possible, but remember seating is limited and not guaranteed unless you were at the Testimonials.