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"Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol" Replica - Available for order !

Thursday 20 December 2007, by Webmaster

The Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol is a non-firing, screen-accurate, highly detailed replica of Mal’s most favoritest gun. It’s the only licensed, studio-approved replica available, and is a faithful re-creation of the iconic sidearm from the movie Serenity.

The QMX moulds were taken directly from the original studio prop carried by Nathan Fillion in the Serenity movie. Each pistol has been meticulously hand cast and assembled from 9 separate pieces, all of which have been hand finished before assembly.

The Malcolm Reynolds stunt pistol is cast in professional-grade resin and weighs approximately 1 pound. It comes boxed with a Moses Brothers Firearms Certificate of Authenticity with all manufacturer’s specifications outlined and a license issued by the local authorities on Shadow that entitles the holder (there’s a place to enter your name) to carry this sidearm. As an added bonus QMX has also included a rolled 14" x 17" poster with the Barlow’s Guide to Small Arms entry on the Moses Brothers Self-Defense Engine Frontier Model B (that’s the make of Mal’s pistol).

This item has been strictly limited to 1,500 world wide.

Click on the picture to order :