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"Malcolm Reynolds Stunt Pistol" Replica - Mwctoys.com Review

Friday 9 November 2007, by Webmaster

While I’ll never call myself a Browncoat, I’m still a huge fan of the television show Firefly, and the corresponding movie Serenity. There’s been a few attempts at producing action figures and collectibles so far, but none have really managed to come close to doing the show proud.

But there’s a new company doing prop replicas called Quantum Mechanix. Founded by Steve Dymszo, who was originally with Master Replicas, they aren’t completely ’new’ to this game. But they have been a little slow to release product with the exception of some paper based replicas.

Their first big release is the stunt pistol used by Captain Malcolm Reynolds. When this prop was originally announced, it had a price tag of $250, and was made from multiple materials. There were two versions used on screen - a lightweight cheaper ’stunt’ version that could be tossed around and damaged on set, and a more expensive all metal ’hero’ version that was used for close ups. QMX was going to combine the best of both worlds in their original design, using resin for a bulk of the product but adding in some metal and wood.

However, they listened to fans, and what fans were saying was that they wanted either a) a cheaper version they could use with their costumes or b) a more expensive version with all metal and wood parts. And so QMX decided to release two versions based on that input. The cheaper resin version hit shelves a couple weeks ago, but the more expensive version (and it will be much more expensive, as you might imagine) does not yet have a final release date.

This ’stunt pistol’ runs for about $150, and is available from several retailers or from QMX themselves. The first 1500 sold also get a nifty 11x14" poster with the Barlow’s Guide to Small Arms entry printed on it in color.

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