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Malcolm Reynolds is #8 on Top Sci-Fi Characters list

Tuesday 1 September 2009, by Webmaster


8. Malcolm Reynolds

Macolm Reynolds, commonly called “Mal” by his crew, is the quick-witted captain of the Firefly-class spaceship Serenity, in the film named after his ship and based off the cult hit television series Firefly, to which the film serves as a final episode. Written and acted to perfection by Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion respectively, Mal not only has a great one-liner loaded and ready at all times, he also always has a trick up his sleeve as well as the knowhow to get his crew through the toughest situations.

This is also a character with flaws, though, and that makes him even more fun to watch. Every now and then, he’ll spout a witticism that doesn’t quite work. See the following exchange, for example:

Mal: Do you want to run this ship?!

Jayne (crew member): Yes!

Mal: Well … you can’t!

There are also moments when Mal’s plans don’t quite work out, making it fortunate that he has such a (mostly) loyal crew. All of these things make the character human and fully enjoyable to watch. A true space cowboy, in a more literal sense than science fiction has brought us yet.


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