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Matt Roush - Battlestar Galactica is not comparable to Firefly and Farscape

Sunday 15 January 2006, by Webmaster

Question: I’ve seen the many promos for the upcoming series Love Monkey and plan to watch because of Tom Cavanagh. My question is, do you know if Josh Randall (also from Ed) will be in any episodes? I’ve noticed him doing guest spots on a few different shows recently and would really like to see the two together again. Seriously, how much would you like to see the $10 bet at least one more time? The show looks funny enough to throw it in at least once. On a different note, I still don’t agree with you that Battlestar Galactica is a top-ranked show. Sure, this half of the second season finally shows a little promise, but I think it’s still nowhere near as good as Farscape or Firefly. - Eric

Matt Roush: No disrespect to Farscape or Firefly (which should be obvious if you’ve ever read me before), but Battlestar is hardly comparable to those more fanciful sci-fi/fantasy series. (As with soaps in the earlier discussion, it’s dangerous to judge shows against each other merely because they exist within the same genre.) As for Josh Randall: I doubt we’ll see him anytime soon on Love Monkey. He’s currently playing the love interest in another CBS mid-season show: Courting Alex, starring Jenna Elfman. But, given that Alex is a complete snooze and Monkey is so promising, maybe he’ll get the chance to reunite with his old bud if CBS keeps Monkey around past this first batch of episodes.

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