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Matthews Miles Charity Auction Was A Huge Success

Tuesday 28 September 2004, by Webmaster

Matthews Miles Charity Auction which ended this past Saturday was a great sucess. $3,865.29 have been raised!

"On behalf of Matthew’s Miles, for the benefit of the American Brain Tumor Association, I’d like to thank all the ANGEL and BUFFY fans out there who once again demonstrated their passion for and devotion to these shows through a generous spirit of giving and participation that has no equal in fandom. Thank you all for spreading the word, for visiting our site, for encouraging our efforts, and for your remarkable demonstration of compassion through generosity to a worthy cause. We’re still calculating the total proceeds from our walkathon and local auction, but the Matthew’s Miles eBay auction alone raised almost $4,000! (And that’s with ten items remaining in the second lot.) This was a group effort and a group success. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks!"

- John Passarella

Detailed prices of the items:

Auto’d 100th Episode Script..$1,824.99
Auto’d "Not Fade Away" Script $455.00
Auto’d David B&W Photo #1.....$255.00
Auto’d David B&W Photo #2.....$202.50
Auto’d Amy Photo..................$102.50
Auto’d Andy (w/puppet) Photo.$102.50
Auto’d Julie Inkworks Card Set...$75.99
Auto’d Julie Photo....................$51.00
Auto’d Camden Toy Photo.........$36.00
Auto’d Iyari Lymon Photo..........$30.00
Auto’d James Leary Photo.........$20.50

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