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Michael Bay Says Cast Leaks are Full of Lies (joss whedon mention)

Mark Beall

Monday 15 May 2006, by Webmaster

I never knew Michael Bay had a website, but that’s probably because I never cared to know. From the frequency of his posts there I’d wager the man barely remembers he has a website himself — but you can’t blame him, I suppose. The man is quite busy these days and not everyone is as connected to their fan base as someone like Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon. He remembered this weekend, however, and used it to come out swinging against the large amount of Transformers rumors that’ve made their way to the internet these past few months. Bay seems to be quite distressed by these rumors, and in a relatively defensive sounding post he tore into Don Murphy and others who have leaked plot information.

According to Bay, much of what we’ve learned is false. Bay said he’s got a "secret" to share with us all ... a secret "the writers don’t know, nor my crew, or Steven Spielberg, or the presidents of Paramount and Dreamworks. Not even Don Murphy who is not involved on the day to day with this movie." And just what is this precious, precious secret, unknown to the even mighty Spielberg? "Many of the names in the script are aliases." Why this is devastatingly important, or why he felt he could share it with us after keeping it a secret for so long, I have no idea. Apparently, though, it was important enough for him to get NDA’s for all parties involved to sign.

I guess the big question here is whether he’s talking about the human or Transformer character names. It he’s talking about humans, it means nothing to anyone. Nobody cares about their names. However, given the weight he is putting on this, it seems more likely he means the Transformers themselves ... which could have relatively drastic implications. I can’t imagine he’d make a Transformers movie without keeping the major characters around, but then we are talking about the man responsible for The Island, so who really knows?