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"Angel" Spin-off with Amy Acker definitely not happening

Alan Stanley Blair

Monday 15 May 2006, by Webmaster

Former "Angel" cast member talks about spin-off movies and the plan for season six.

(May 15 2006) - When “Angel” was cancelled after its fifth season, the show ended with a cliff-hanger as Team Angel prepared to go head to head with a massive hoard of demons in an epic confrontation. Since then, however, there have been rumors of a revival for the series — stories of a possible sixth season, a tele-movie and there has also the idea of other spin-off projects. But nothing has been confirmed as getting the go ahead. Well, speaking to fans in London this weekend (including SyFy Portal’s Alan Stanley Blair), actress Amy Acker shed some light on the status of the proposed project.

“I think its safe to say that’s not happening anymore,” Acker told fans at the Starfury event, “’cause if they were, they’d be getting done right now. There was supposed to be three of them — one for Spike, a Faith one and also one for Willow. I think it’s safe to say that now because its not going to happen.”

But unlike many other shows that bite the dust, interest in the resurrection was not the problem as thanks to the various websites and the Save Angel campaign, the show proved it had a loyal following. Instead, Acker said, the projects never took off because “Fox couldn’t get it together the way Joss wanted to do them.”

Although Acker didn’t go into details about the difference in approaches between Fox and Whedon, the actress did give away some vital information as to what the plot could have been had they gone ahead or had there been a sixth season.

“I think it’s okay to say this now, since its not happening, but I think J (who plays Charles Gunn) was to be evil in it.” she said. “He was to become a vampire really early on in this really big battle.”

Actor J August Richards, who was also at the event, quickly confirmed that was the direction he always pictured character going.

“I’d probably have him come back as a vampire and then kill himself." Added Richards. "That’s always how I wanted it to end for my character.”