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Michelle Trachtenberg - About.com

Sunday 11 May 2003, by Webmaster

Dawn’s thoughts on the series finale

Michelle Trachtenberg appeared out of the blue as the sister Buffy never had. Literally, she never had a sister, but cosmic forces created one, who turned out to be the key to the gates of hell. After that blew over, Dawn had to find her role as a real teenage girl, living in the shadow of The Slayer. Trachtenberg has grown up on Buffy.

Three years ago, we wouldn’t have seen her wearing a black dress slit down the middle, as she wore to the series finale wrap party. Though not quite 18, Trachtenberg is clearly no longer our little girl.

What are your thoughts on the show ending? They made many hours of television out there, I believe 144 hours of television. That’s a great number and I’m honored to have been a part of such a legacy, so it’s time to party.

What was the last day like? It hadn’t really caught up to us until really the last couple days. It was a love kind of feeling. We’re all happy to have worked so well for all these years and really just had a great time. I’m losing my voice from all the shooting, so there you go.

How do you feel about the arc you followed as Dawn? Dawn definitely grew up this year. I think that it was an important year for her maturity-wise. She was definitely alone out there, fighting, doing the big fight. So, it was great.

Are you happy with the resolution of your character? Yeah, I think so. I think that it has been an amazing road for Dawn. I think she’s a great character, and I think the last episode, my last scene on my last day was Dawn fighting with a sword, so it was awesome. I couldn’t ask for anything better and I think you guys will really be impressed with the finally.

How has Dawn changed? Dawn has matured a lot. She definitely has gotten older. She’s found her place in life. She’s not the little sister anymore. She’s a person of her own. And she’s fighting and helping out and doing research and not just being a tagalong.

Why was the show so successful? Because I think Buffy is very realistic. Even though it’s about vampires and demons, people can feel themselves in Buffy and all of the characters because they’re so real and natural. A lot of our story lines deal with basic issues that comes up in everyday life that you have to battle, so people really connect with it.

What will you miss the most? It was just always natural, the comfort of it all. We all will keep in touch. The biggest thing in Buffy is like, "Do you see feet?" We would always wear boots or we’d have to be doing stunts, but every time you didn’t see feet, we were wearing slippers.

What was your favorite stunt? Any sword fighting. That was just awesome.

How did you pick out this dress? I actually went over to Dior and they had a whole rack of dresses for me. This was the first thing, literally, the first thing I put on. I loved it but I tried on a bunch of others and then I just went with it. Dior head to toe.

How does it stay on without exposing you? Tape. And it’s fitted to me.

What’s next for you? I’m actually leaving to do a movie in Prague for three months, a Dreamworks movie. It’s untitled right now but it’s about four high school seniors who go to Europe and the funny situations they get into. Three boys and one girl.

Would you like Dawn to spinoff so you can play her again? I think Dawn is a very interesting character and there are many different parts to her that I have yet to discover. I don’t know what Joss has in store, but it could possibly be something that I would revisit. I came from movies, right now I’m going back to movies and it’s where my heart is right now. I feel as long as I can do something with the character, then I’ll go right back in, but if I don’t, then it’s not worth it.

What should fans do to fill the hour that’s left in their schedule now? Goodness, I don’t know. Give a chance to a new show that comes out there because everyone deserves to have a job and be successful.

How will you top Buffy? By going to Europe and working on a comedy.