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Michelle Trachtenberg - Caroline Rhea Show

By Gloriana

Friday 28 February 2003, by Webmaster

COMMENT: Michelle was lovely, witty, funny, sincere and adorable in the less than 5 minutes this took place. Michelle was the last guest on the hour-long show.

BACKGROUND:Guests for this show stay at the ParkerMeriden Hotel overlooking Central park in NYC.

Caroline: Our next guest plays Buffy’s sister Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Please welcome Michelle Trachtenberg.

[Very careful in pronouncing Trachtenberg, because in an earlier next upcoming guest statement, she said ’Trachtenberger’.]

[-Michelle appears on the set from the left side door.
 She’s wearing a long sleeve lavender top, matching eye shadow, black flared pants and high-heeled black boots.
 Her hair is medium brown with highlights today.
 Makeup is light in tone.
 Big smile.
 She bounces on the step. Everything bounces.
 She & Caroline Rhea (formerly on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch") meet & hug in front of the rust-colored guest chairs and the host’s desk.
 Michelle sits down in the chair next to the desk and crosses her legs, right over left. Showing her black boots.]

[ ] = comments ... = pauses

Caroline: "How are you?" Michelle: "I’m good. I’m really happy I didn’t trip out there [turns and looks back o where she entered the main part of the set]..so..no laughter yet..." [brushes hair from face with left hand].

Caroline: "People trip out there...and we laugh at them." Michelle: ."..I know...I know...and these heels are really, really high...so..." [Shows right leg with black boot - heels on boots look about 4 inches]

Caroline: "They’re very nice..chi-chi[?] boots. Very nice." Michelle: "Thank you." [mimics pouty model face and lifts right leg way up] "Hmm...Very tiny."

Caroline: "I loved you in ’Harriet the Spy’... with my predecessor, Miss Rosie O’Donnell. Michelle: "Rosie...She’s...She’s...Thank you. [applause]"...It was...you know...it was an amazijng experience...it was...umm..in October I’m turning 18. " [turns to audience, raises both fists triumphantly] "...Yay!" [applause] "...and it’ll be...thank you...it’ll be about 8 years ago. ’Cause we started shooting... the first day of principal photography was my birthday. So people don’t realize how long ago it was. But...but it was...was..." Caroline: "Was it 8 years ago?" Michelle: "Yeah..this October..I know...crazy!" Caroline: "Why yeah, you were a little, little girl." Michelle: "...grown up...a lot of help." Caroline: "You have grown up." Michelle: "Okay".

Caroline: "So you’re turning 18?" Michelle: "In October. I’m very excited." Caroline: "So you’re a senior in high school?" Michelle: "I’m a senior in high school. I’m graduating. I did my whole college application process ...Which is torture...but I’m..it’s fine...I’m looking forward to seeing you at prom and graduation." Caroline: [laughs and covers face] Michelle: "So it’ll be good." Caroline: [laughs] Michelle: "Yeah." [laughs] Caroline: "Sorry. It’s been so long..." Michelle: "Oh nooo...You look fabulous, that’s all. That matters...she looks hot doesn’t she?" [looks at audience, which applauds] Caroline: "Love you, love you." Michelle: [laughs broadly] Caroline" "Where would you ultimately like to go to college?" Michelle: "I don’t know. I’ve applied to like Yale and UC schools...don’t know...like Yale’s, you know, the whole Jodie Foster thing...so you have to do it." It’s just important to me wherever I have fun. I wanna...want to produce and direct. That’s my main goal." Caroline: "You do?" Michelle: "I do...I think the creative process is fascinating. And as long as I can be involved on the backgrounds and all...then I can really sink my teeth into making everyone really love what I do a really heartfelt project." Caroline: "Sweet little thing you..."

Caroline: "I love Sarah Michelle Gellar. I think she’s a complete doll." Michelle: "She’s fine...she’s..." Caroline: "Is she like a real big sister to you?" Michelle: "Yeah...you know she watches out for me. I’m actually getting over a cold now, so I have this like raspy voice going on right now..." Caroline: "Yes, like she sounded at least..." Michelle: "She..." Caroline: "...nineteen..." Michelle: "Ohhh..." [laughs]..."Thank you...and so, you know, she brings me my tea and all that. So it’s fun."

Caroline: "That’s nice. We just had Zora [Andrich] on. Do you watch any of the reality shows?" Michelle: "Oh I totally do. ’Joe Millionaire’ was really fun. I totally watched that. There’s only one show I really have an issue with. ’Are You Hot?"

Have you seen the show?" I don’t know why people would subject themselves to...and what’s-his-name is with the laser pointer...you don’t point out...like...like...he’s pointing at these girls’ thighs. ’Oh you have too much cellulite.’ "

"This girl goes like this...[mimics sultry come-on voice and look]"...’You think I’m nice, but I’m really naugh-ty..’"And ..Oh shut up!" [audience laughs and claps]

"It’s wrong...It’s the wrong image for girls out there. Sexy is, you know, you got boobs..."[gestures in front of her breasts]...you got a butt...you’re hot! You’re not hot because you’re pencil legs... It’s awful...I think..that’s a bad image..." Caroline: "That’s just a little hard." Michelle: "Yeah." Caroline: "People don’t often realize that these are a set - butt and the boobs." Michelle: "Yeah, there you go." Caroline: "A package." Michelle: "They have to coordinate. They can’t be too big!" [gestures way out in front of her breasts with both hands] "It’s just no. Don’t get fake anything. Girls out there need to have confidence. I think that’s the most important thing y’a learn. Caroline: "You must have lovely parents?" Michelle: "I do. My Mom’s amazing. She’s the one who’s given me confidence...and that’s where I’m com..." Caroline: "Yes and my Mother always said don’t let anyone decide who you are." Michelle: "Yeah." Caroline: "Exact advice." Michelle: [nods]

Caaroline: "’Twenty teens who’ll change the world’ in People magazine. And here you are, Honey." [opens magazine to show Michelle’s picture & writeup]"Michelle in Teen People. Looking adorable." [applause] Michelle: "Thank you...that’s my message. I feel that if I’m lucky enough to be in the public eye and lucky enough to be where I am in my career, because this is my passion in life, then I want to be the young person that goes out there and tells other young people, ’cause I hope they’ll listen to me: Don’t do drugs."[crosses hands on her chest] "I got where I am today because I’ve never done drugs. "I don’t drink. It’s not...it’s not me. So if you do that you could be successful." Caroline: "I’m.. I’m a successful nerd." Michelle: "Good!" You can be successful..." [bounces in chair - everything bounces] "...and you can get a natural high. And be happy about just like being you. ...and being an individual and go and get your goals Caroline: "You’re the cutest thing!" Michelle: "Thank you." [laughs]

Caroline: "You have to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tuesdays on UPN." [applause] "Question. Is there going to be a spin-off. And is it going to be you?" Michelle: [laughs] "God! I don’t know. There’s so many...all these great ideas. But I’m doing...I’m excited because this summer I’m doing a movie in Prague. It’s going to be really hot. It’s a Dreamworks movie. About 4 high school seniors in Europe and all the high-jinks that enshue [ensue] from that. That’s what my future...I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be fun. But...but Buffy’s an amazing show and I’m happy to be on it Caroline: "We’ll be right back. Don’t go way." Michell: [waves] "Thank you."