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Michelle Trachtenberg - "Doubt" Movie Premiere at 2008 AFI Festival - High Quality Photos 1

vendredi 31 octobre 2008, par Webmaster

Michelle Trachtenberg - "Doubt" Movie Premiere at 2008 AFI Festival - High Quality Photos 1 - Gallery

IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-01-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-02-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-03-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-04-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-05-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-06-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-07-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-08-1 (...) IMG/jpg/michelle-trachtenberg-doubt-movie-premiere-2008-afi-festival-hq-09-1 (...)

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  • There is something about people that I will never understand. And being famous has nothing to do with it either. Those folks who feel they have to go out every single night of the week ! Why is that ? I know Michelle is putting her self out there to be discovered (again) but doesn’t absence make the heart grow fonder ? Plus going out all the time, she was bound to meet a guy, and we know what men want right ? Same thing as women it turns out but thats besides the point. I don’t know, in a way she is my daughter because I watched her grow up on tv, the same as we all did and it brings out the dad in me. I just think she should stay home more often that’s all. You gotta admit though that’s she’s grown into a beautiful young lady, yes. Ciao

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