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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Michelle Trachtenberg’s Ice Princess : Descriptions & Story

Monday 22 March 2004, by Webmaster

Michelle On Ice Princess!

We have character descriptions and storyline information concerning Michelle Trachtenberg`s new Disney movie.

Casey Clark: (Michelle) A brainy ugly duckling realizes her dream of becoming a champion figure skater despite her studious un-supporting parents who only want her to attend Harvard. Casey works at the ice rink snack bar. Unconfident and unsure of herself Casey finds help from other skaters but soon learns of the downfall of sabotage as she tries to fulfill her dream and develops a crush on Teddy, Zamboni ice resurfacing machine.

Gene Harwood: 16, a cute, curvy, blonde, all-American sophomore, Gen is an accomplished ice skater. Although she has talent and lots of support from her coach-mom, Gen’s heart is not in the sport. She is initially cool toward Casey, but soon comes to respect her and even offers to give her a style makeover and lessons on the ice. Then when her mom betrays Casey, Gen helps turn things around by dropping out of the competition and following her own dream to lead a more "normal" life.

Joan Clark: 40s, Casey’s mom, a brilliant professor of Women’s Studies, Joan is a feminist with a rigid mind set. Her intentions are good, but misguided, as she pushes hard for Casey to get into Harvard on a physics scholarship, ultimately forbidding her to pursue her ice-skating dream. Although she and her husband are accustomed to backing each other up on parenting matters, when Casey decides to forgo Harvard, Joan must not only face a challenge by her daughter, but also by her husband.

Teddy Harwood: Cute, hip, wry-humored, smart, playful, with an underlying sadness, Teddy works at the rink grooming the ice. He is a sensitive soul with the mind of an engineer. Although he is close to his sister, there is some noticeable friction with his mom. Teddy encourages Casey to follow her skating dream, and their flirtation grows into a romance.

Tina Harwood: Late 30s, tough talking and athletic, Tina is Gen and Teddy’s mother. Once an aspiring, ambitious ice-skater, her dreams were stopped short after a skating scandal. As a result, she put all of her time into Jen to try to make her the success Tina never was. Tina befriends Casey, but then turns on her when she realizes she is going to be a threat to Gen’s placement in the Eastern Sectionals.

Zoe Block: 16 to 17, a rock and roll figure skater and a feisty competitor, Zoe is the girl to beat. An emancipated minor with a brash tongue, she frequently taunts the judges with her unconventional and combative skating style. Off the ice, she enjoys waging psychological warfare in the locker room with Jen and Jenn.

James Clark: 40s, intellectual, scholarly, he is a college professor and Casey’s hypochondriac father. James tends to worry about everything, (accidents, tainted food), which makes him not only a vegetarian, but particularly wary of his daughter’s desire to become a competitive skater. Like his wife, he believes that parents should maintain a unified front. He eventually changes his mind about Casey’s skating pursuits, but is still reluctant to go against his wife. However, he ultimately does just that.

Jen’s Mom: She is a loquacious, "larger than life red headed woman in a mink coat," with noticable cleavage, and a Southern drawl. A fixture at the ice skating rink, she’s both competitive and a kiss-up who has hired all the best coaches for her daughter. Although she tends to be a flashy busybody, Jen’s mom is appalled by Tina’s underhandedness and lets Casey know about the sabotage.

Jen: 13, a very petite, hyperactive redhead (known as "The Jumping Shrimp"), with braces and freckles, Jen is among the team of skaters vying for the Sectionals. Always sporting a fake smile, she is bitchy, arrogant, and very pampered. Jen is determined to beat out all competition and treats Casey, and most every one else with disdain.

Jenn: 15, Asian, African American or Latina, elegant, even-tempered, her hair styled in a classic ballet bun, Jenn is a graceful, skilled skater who tends to be very hard on herself. She is close to her brother and father who are always in the stands when she skates, and is never without the gold medallion around her neck, which was blessed by the Dali Lama.

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