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More than one Serenity

By Anthony Langlois

Sunday 19 December 2004, by Webmaster

The good folks at IESB caught up with some of the cast of "Serenity", and tried to get some goodies out of them. Of course, the stars had to stay mum on the plot and any other details that might spoil the movie, but all of them were quite keen to reveal Universal’s plans for more than one Feature, should the "Firefly" adaptation become a big hit.

"Universal likes ’Firefly’ as a movie. There WILL be more than just one. So there will be instalments", said actor Alan Tudyk, when asked if the property might come back on the small screen.

Co-star Summer Glau, who plays psychic River in the show and movie, went even further, suggesting plans for a trilogy.

"We are counting on it," said an excited Glau. "We all believe it’s going to happen, if everything goes as we expect it to, to make 3."

The actors also admitted their disappointment over the change in release date, which pushes the movie from June to September 2005. According to them, though, even director Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind "Firefly", prefers the new date.

"There were some concerns about facing ’Star Wars’", said Tudyk. "So they want us to have our own place."