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Morena Baccarin - About ’Serenity’ Movie & Joss Whedon - About.com Interview

By Rebecca Murray

Saturday 18 June 2005, by Webmaster

Morena Baccarin Talks About "Serenity," "Firefly" and Joss Whedon

Interview with "Serenity" Star Morena Baccarin Morena Baccarin on How Her Character Changes from “Firefly” to “Serenity:” “She’s still Inara; she’s still the character that Joss [Whedon] wrote. But the entire crew is like in a completely different situation. The stories are totally new and there’s definitely been a shift in who Inara is. She’s been going through a lot. It doesn’t really go back in time. It just sort of picks up where the series left off.”

According to “Serenity” star Nathan Fillion, the movie takes place about eight months down the road from the end of the TV series. Baccarin confirmed that sounded just about right. “Something like that. It’s a little bit in the near future, where we left the crew off. It’s cool,” said Baccarin.

What’s in Store for Inara in “Serenity:” “Well... I can’t obviously give away too much of it. I’m sworn to secrecy but she definitely goes through a huge transformation. And where she is at the beginning of the movie and where she ends up is very, very different. It’s a whole journey.”

Playing Inara in the Series vs. in the Feature Film: Baccarin said without hesitation it was more fun to work on the movie than on the series. “It was a lot more fun for all of us because it’s just a bigger budget. We had tons of fun. A lot more time with each other and a lot more room to play.”

Morena Baccarin on Hanging Out with the Cast of “Serenity: “I mean, we do everything and anything. We’re hanging out on set together. We’re not usually all in our trailers away from each other. We’re hanging out and goofing around, especially with Nathan and Alan [Tudyk] and those guys. It’s a laugh riot every single day on the set. You know, tricks on each other - that whole thing.” Baccarin admits it was mostly the guys who were the targets of the pranks, but the entire cast had a blast working on the film.

Revisiting the “Firefly” Series - Is There a Chance It’ll Return?: “You know, that’s something that we don’t really know. We’re right now so happy to just be doing the movie and living in the present with it. We never thought we’d be back together doing this. If anything happens it will happen for a reason and it will be a blessing, regardless of what it is. We’re all still signed on to do three pictures. Hopefully we’ll do more movies and that will be bigger and better.”

The Attraction of Working on a Joss Whedon Project: “I really enjoy the characters that he writes. I think that they’re stylized in such a way that they’re not over the top, but it’s just enough that it’s a lot of fun and theatrical, and really fun to play. I enjoy that aspect of it.”

Morena Baccarin on Whedon’s Writing: “He loves his words. He’s a stickler for his words. If we want to change something or we’d feel more comfortable with something, and we can prove our point, he’ll let us do it. He’s very open to that stuff. But for the most part, the stuff he writes is great.” Asked how easy it was to prove her point when something needed to be changed, Baccarin replied laughing, “All you really need is a good argument.”