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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday 17 March 2004, by Webmaster

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  • My worst fear has just been realized. All the media attention is going to be about Buffy and not the cast and crew who’ve been working so hard on the show for years. It’s bad enough that the ending of "Buffy" had to be ruined by having Angel appear, now they may ruin the finale of "Angel" by having Buffy appear. I’m going to toss my cookies.
  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    17 March 2004 18:53, by Anonymous
    Even worse it’s all about Buffy and her relationship to Angel- one that hasn’t been a storyline since season 1.
  • The timing of Sarah Mchelle Gellar’s late interview and now this is just incredible. She has had so lttle to do with the show this year. There are so many questions I would rather have answered. I can’t believe I’m alone in this. I also can’t believe that the normal momentum of the show has been usurped by outside agendas. I also feel and understand that Joss Whedon is injured enough to not care.
  • It seems to be to be a B/A shipper push in disguise. What a shame people would rather see old things rehashed than see the entire group resolve their individual problems.
  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    17 March 2004 20:50, by Anonymous

    great, just what we need: smg stealing all the attention away from the man whose show still has a life in it...

    grr. arrrgh.

  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    17 March 2004 21:11, by Quirkygrl

    I think it’s about time that *someone* thanked SMG for her hard work for all those years. I realize there’s a lot of Buffy-hate out there but SMG is a class act and some of us think she deserves some recognition for it.

    I recall that when BtVS ended, James Marsters had a very nice thank you ad from his fans which I applaud. All the actors probably deserve more thanks than they get. But as the star of the show, IMO, it’s high time Sarah gets one too.

    For a little background: The campaign for the SMG thank you ad started in the fall of 2003. Due to problems obtaining rights and permissions, the ad had to be delayed while they could be sorted out. Then there were ad campaigns for the AtS 100th episode which many of the same fans participated in, that took priority time-wise.

    While I won’t deny that I’d love to see SMG appear in the AtS series finale just as DB appeared on the BtVS finale, I think contract negotiations will have a lot more to do with whether SMG will appear than a fan-funded ad.

    Regardless, IMO, a formal fan-funded thank you to Sarah Michelle Gellar is long overdue.

  • Its all perception and opinion. Personally I think the ad is beautiful and is well deserved. And for this one SMG ad, there have been billboards, postcards, ads, etc...done for the Angel cast and crew because the ending IS about then, one ad not dedicated to them doesn’t say otherwise. I’ll be honest and say I’d love to see her on Angel, she started Angel’s journey, I’d like to see her there for the end.
  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    17 March 2004 23:11, by Anonymous
    Buffy was ruined long before the finale, long before Angel came for that one episode, and while I wasn’t a big fan of the cookie dough speech, I thought it was nice to see the show come full circle the way it did, including with Angel being there. Angel has been on a roll this season, and I’m sad to see it go, I don’t think it’ll be ruined, if played right, only enhanced. But I have to figure it depends on your ship.
  • Don’t be concerned. SMG is not about to appear on Angel in the few weeks that are left. As to the timing ? My guess is they won’t be placing an ad like that next year....But yeah, pushing your Buffy/Angel agenda when most fans are just trying to get another season of Angel, well it stinks. Remember that Sarah didn’t place the ad, its not her fault.

    See online : http://www.mediafans.com

  • I think it’s a beautiful ad. Sarah is a wonderful actress and deserves the thanks.

    That said, I think the line about the Buffy / Angel relationship was unnecessary. Sarah has done so much more with the role of Buffy Summers, far beyond the two year plot line of her relationship with Angel.

    Anyways, I’d rather see Charisma come back for the finale. I just think that she’s more important to the Angelverse than Buffy is. I think they should save any Buffy / Angel reunion for a movie somewhere down the line.

  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    18 March 2004 15:58, by Dawn-Summers
    Hey, slow down there Buffy haters. Sarah sooo deserved that ad. I am a fan of Angel, and am sad to see it potentially leaving, especially after BTVS last year, which is still my all time fave show. But you have to remember this: there would be no Angel, without Buffy. Sarah, and all the actors of BTVS, gave us an incredible 7 years, and they do deserve a hell of alot more thanks, and recognition than they’ve gotten already. And if that means an ad, that’s great. and If you haven’t noticed all the attention Angel’s been getting f or it’s departure.(trucks, billboards, posters, the list goes on). And as someone previously posted, it wasn’t Sarah who posted the ad. It was the fans. Sarah had to work extremely hard to get to where she is today, and it was completely well deserved.
  • This Ad is gorgeous, as is Sarah. I agree that SMG deserves an ad all of her own. Angel’s story started with Buffy, she is his reason and it should end with Buffy. Great job to those who pulled this off. Lovely.
  • People keep saying they think this ad is just an attempt to convince SMG to appear in the final episodes of Angel (which isn’t going to happen - it’s way too late for that, so it’s not an option any more). Did anyone think maybe they made this ad to give her some support after the terrible way people reacted when she decided not to appear on Angel? People were mrecilessly cruel; it was embarassing and childish, and I’m sure it hurt her feelings (yes, she has feelings, whether you believe the bad stories about her or not). Maybe these guys were just trying to show her that not everyone blames her for all the bad things that happen in the universe??
  • In answer to Dawn-Summers.....No one said they hated SMG that I could see. Where did you get that? I think she’s a great actress and a thank you ad to is a very nice gesture. But I don’t think throwing in a B/A Shipper tag was necessary to thank SMG. I think what everyone is conveying is that we’ve moved on from that and want to see resolution with the characters that are currently on the show, NOT a resolution to a relationship long over.
  • I love Sarah michelle Gellar!!! She’s a great actress!! and i want buffy and her angel back together!!
  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    20 March 2004 06:47, by Anonymous

    viper667, SMG doesn’t need convincing on coming back to ’Angel’. Kristen from Eonline said that she, Alyson Hannigan, and Michelle Tractenberg have all three been contacted to come back...only SMG and AH are guranteed on coming back. Plus, SMG’s already said she never tried to distance herself from the Buffyverse, so she will come back. Unless another family member dies like last time when they wanted her back. Plus, her movie’s finished filming and she’ll be in London to promote SD2 and then she’s back home, which will be enough time to drop by on Angel’.

    Also, some of you are against her coming back...why? You say it should focus on the core characters...what is Angel or Spike, chop liver? Buffy’s a big part of their life. If she’s coming back, its for one of them, which will be for their character...That’s stupid to say that she shouldn’t come back—to let it be about the core gang—well, if it were to be about the core gang of ’Angel’, then Spike shouldn’t be in it, and neither Angel...for it to be about Angel, or Spike, Buffy would have to be there.

  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    20 March 2004 08:38, by Anonymous

    I have only one thing to say about that ad and those who paid for it.... some people have more money than sense.

    btw during the early seasons of Buffy, the cast always seemed happy and overflowing with praise for one another. During s6 & 7 the cast continued to praise one another except SMG - any time someone was asked about her they fell back on "She’s very professional". It was like they couldn’t think of anything really nice to say so they said she was professional.

    And then FPJ mouths off saying how every should be thankful to SMG for even doing the show... as if she lowered herself to doing it and she was doing it out of charity rather than a substantial paycheck.

  • IMHO this is an appropriate, classy and long-overdue ad. I don’t know SMG, but as an actress she totally deserves all the fan support she can get.

    I didn’t even notice the B/A slant until I read these comments, but even so I think people are getting their panties in a twist over nothing. Angel is a Buffy spinoff, remember? It has grown into its own show, but it is nevertheless strongly linked to the universe and relationships forged on BtVS. There were some tantalising loose ends left between Buffy, Angel and Spike, so it’s understandable that people want to see that stuff get tied up in some way.

    In any case, I’m sure Joss Whedon has cooked up an appropriate ending for Angel. So chill already.

  • > NEW SMG ad by the fans, March 16th Hollywood Reporter

    21 March 2004 01:17, by Meridia5x5

    I think SMG should be thanked for playing Buffy, she is very talented. That said I think the blatant B/A line with the ’her Angel’ just makes the advert agenda pushing to me.

    I’m sorry but what about her relationships with her sister or Willow or Spike or Joyce? No they put the focus on a dead ship that was over year 3.

    SMG has been on AtS the total of 2 (that’s right two!) times out of the 104 episodes over the last 5 years.

    Angel the Series may be a spin off but it has earned itself the right to be away from Buffy’s shadow. It’s a critically acclaimed success in its own right. I am tired of people wanting some big Buffy reunion thing when really the end should be about the current stories and about ANGEL’s journey toward redemption with HIS friends and family.