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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Nashville Con Update

Saturday 1 November 2003, by Webmaster

Posted: Sat Nov 01, 2003 4:34 am

I’m posting this from Nashville. I talked to Juliet Landau briefly last night at the cocktail party. I asked her where she put her hands during her scenes with JM. She laughed and said that she has been hearing that James told people that she put on hands on him during filming. She claimed that it isn’t true, it is James that had his hands in inappropriate places.

She is a very nice lady. She said that she just finished filming flashback scenes and they were a lot of fun because the boys were fighting over her. I asked her if we would be seeing Dru in a current day scene this season. She said they have talked about it, but she doesn’t know.

Last night, Julie Benz’s husband (voice of the Crypt Keeper and other cartoon voices) was doing a routine on the stage. Julie was beaming and glowing like a woman in love. It was so cute. I love watching people when it looks like they are really in love.

There isn’t much going on in Nashville that is newsworthy, but I’m having a good time.

Juliet Landau, Danny Strong and Adam Busch did Q&As today. Nick Brendan, Julie Benz and Robia LaMorte are tomorrow.

Danny Strong is going to be in some upcoming episodes of "Gilmore Girls." He might be a recurring character. He is hilarious.

Adam Busch has read online fan fic and is amazed because everybody humps everybody and everyone is gay even if they are straight characters. Danny Strong made fun of him for saying "humps." Adam said that when he was asked to return for Season 6, he didn’t realize how big the role of Warren would be. Some guy stopped him in the grocery store and told him about the Troika. The guy had learned a lot more on the internet than what Adam had been told. He said that he didn’t realize until then how much of a cult following the show had.

Someone asked Juliet who Drusilla really loves: Spike or Angel? She said Spike and that the Angel/Dru relationship seems incestuous. Someone else asked about the Spike/Buffy/Angel triangle. She said that Spike has clearly lost his way, but she thinks he will find his way back to Drusilla. She then said that she has no idea what they will do.

She said that she had just filmed a flashback love scene with David and that Spike walks in on them. Then she realized that she shouldn’t have told us that much. A woman near me yelled out that we already knew.

She hopes that Dru will come to L.A. to see Spike because she will stir up a lot of trouble and it will be a lot of fun.

Joss cast her for Dru after seeing her on something else. They had narrowed Spike down to 3 or 4 actors and then she read with them to see how they would work with her. She and James clicked immediately.

Someone in the audience asked her about the roaming hands during her scenes with James. Apparently she is asked about it a lot. She said that James exaggerates and he is the one with the roaming hands.