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Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk talks at London Film and Comic Con 2006 announced

Saturday 17 June 2006, by Webmaster

We are happy to announce the following talks to be held at London Film and Comic Con:

Saturday talks
1130 Alan Oppenheimer
1210 Richard Briers
1250 Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker
1.30 Sean Patrick Flanery
2.10 Torri Higginson
2.50 Gates McFadden
3.30 Don S Davis
4.10 Nathan Fillion

4.50 Rachel Luttrell
5.30 Jorge Garcia

Sunday talks
1030 Alan Oppenheimer
1110 Rachel Luttrell
1150 Doctor Who talk
1230 Sean Patrick Flanery
1.10 Don S Davis
1.50 John Barrowman
2.30 Alan Tudyk

3.10 Torri Higginson
3.50 Elijah Wood
4.30 Maggie Grace

Each talk is for half an hour, with a gap afterwards to allow the hall to empty and the next audience to be seated. Every person, children included, will need a ticket to attend the talk.

Each talk is free. Tickets will be available, ONE PER PERSON, on a first come, first served basis. With one exception, tickets for Sunday talks will not be handed out before Sunday morning. In the case of Elijah Wood, up to half the available talk tickets will be handed out on Saturday; the remainder will be kept back to Sunday morning.

Ticket queues will be split as follows:
One queue for Stargate tickets
One queue for Firefly tickets
One queue for Elijah Wood tickets
One queue for everyone else