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Nathan Fillion comments on the new Serenity poster

Tuesday 19 July 2005, by Webmaster

Morning. Just looking at the thread of people complaining about the poster. I like it. I love it. Honestly, I don’t know where some of these folks get their ideas about what’s good or bad. Or the "expert opinions" they get to confirm their stand. I love it. Be well, all. 73 days till Serenity. I can’t wait! Everybody go see it and have a great time! Except the people that don’t like the poster. That’ll teach Universal for putting up a poster that is too conventional, too Hollywood, too revolting, and doesn’t tell you anything about the movie except for who’s in it, that it’s sci fi, action, and it has something to do with a target, an assasin, a rebel, a fugitive, a code, spaceships, guns, and a firefly. Curse them for leaving you in the dark! heh. oooo, good one, Nate. Burn. But maybe you should have left this one alone. Don’t you have a policy about biting your internet tongue? Yeah, but I had to go for the funny. But you know how some of these internet types can get. You know they’re gonna whinge about this. Holy soap box, Batman. Did you hear me? I said, "...go for the funny." Funny like throwing gas on a fire funny. Yeah. Heh. THAT kind of funny. Heh.

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