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Nathan Fillion’s Firefly Movie Blog

Wednesday 16 June 2004, by Webmaster

A Message from Nathan Fillion launching the official serinty weblog.

I can’t promise you a weekly thing, the schedule keeps me on my toes and I type slowly. However, here’s a bit of a blog for you.

First day of filming for me is not the first day of filming overall. That honor was Sean’s and Summer’s. But all were present when we arrived in the desert out by the old abandoned mine to begin what will be two weeks of exterior shooting. I can’t tell you how it warmed my heart to seethe cast not only together (I’ve seen that a couple of times since the show’s demise), but in costume as well. Jewel looks great in a version of her old green work overalls (has she gotten taller?). Sean is appropriately overdressed for what we are doing out there. Adam’s T-shirt designs and gun belts will have the fans in a tizzy, I’m sure- he looks too cool for words. Ron has had a minor overhaul and reminds me of a native american Shaman, a logical twist. Summer looks both etherial and eerie (I hope I spelled those words correktlee) walking- no, drifting about. Alan looks both relaxed and tough in his new togs and has the best footwear of all of us. Morena, of course, is Morena. One look is never quite enough. It is easy to imagine the high class she occupies in the ’verse of Firefly. Gina fuses supermodel and badass in an outfit tailored to her physique. She’s been working out, you’ll see.

I couldn’t be happier. Everyone has slipped right back in where we left off, but there is a difference. There is some kind of special magic in the ressurection. We all feel it. We are back in a way the series never could be. I have a glad heart when I watch Joss talking to the ship’s crew. I can only look at him and smile. I smile a lot these days. More even than I thought I would. Thank you Joss. Thank you Universal. Thank you crew. Thank you cast. Thank you cast especially for laughing at all the same old crappy material I used to use.

Captain Tightpants

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    17 June 2004 03:14, by Anonymous
    Now that’s awesome. That’s what I absolutely love to see: actors who realize they’re doing cool shit, and want to share it with the fans. It’s really appreciated. :)