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New Blog Entry From Jewel Staite - 21 September 2004

Thursday 23 September 2004, by Webmaster

Hi Roj

Now that my life is relatively back to "normal" (what is that?), I’m not sure what to write about. I guess I should just be honest and say what’s on my mind. WORK. Work is a good thing. All of my friends are telling me to chill out, take a break, live life like a normal person (there’s that word again), and just do the things that make me happy. But I think to be creatively happy, I have to be involved in something work-wise that I love. Which isn’t the case right now. But I’m still content.

Lately I’m spending my days walking my dog, going shopping for sweaters and fall gear, catching up with friends over long lunches or cocktails at my favorite spots around the city... sleeping in and hanging out with my family, and doing errands I forgot about sixth months ago like getting my teeth cleaned. There are auditions, of course, which is nice... but it’s hard to come off of something so wonderful, like "Serenity", and have to distance yourself just so you’re not disappointed... if that makes sense. Nothing is ever going to be like that experience. That’s just the way it is.

During our long drive home to Vancouver, Matty and I came up with a new, very addictive game called "Top Ten". I think up a category, like, "what’s your favorite top ten vacation spots ever?" and he answers, then I answer... and then it’s his turn to think up the next category (I think one of his was, "what were your top ten favorite songs that make you cry?") Anyway. I thought I’d apply my new favorite game here, and give you my top ten favorite things about Serenity, my top ten least favorite things about filming Serenity, and then finally... since some people are wondering about how DragonCon went, my top ten favorite things about DragonCon. So here goes: * these are in no particular order, either.. number one isn’t any better than number five, and so on...*


1. The breakfast sandwiches every morning. Little egg, little bacon, little tomato, little processed cheese, little English muffin.... hello!!!

2. Sean Maher’s laugh. I could listen to Sean laugh all day long. His nostrils flare slightly when he laughs. (shhh)

3. Watching the footage from the day previous every lunch hour. What an excellent breaking point to the middle of the day.... and how inspiring that was.

4. Giving Nathan the finger, more ways than one (hundred).

5. Nathan’s parties at his house. And how the girls always won on game night. And yes, I said ALWAYS.

6. Joss-hugs.

7. The cakes and letters and other wonderful things delivered to us by faithful Browncoats.

8. Conversations with Morena. And Summer. And Gina. I miss them.

9. The hair and make-up team!!! I. LOVED. MY. HAIR.

10. This crew. And this cast. Actually, every single person who was involved in the making of this movie. I had the best time. It filled every expectation and then some. I am so proud I was a part of it.

And now...


1. Getting indigestion from the breakfast sandwiches.

2. The smell of the toilets in the dressing rooms when they hadn’t been emptied for a few weeks.

3. Walking in on political discussions involving I-won’t-say-who.

4. The Jurassic Park theme song.

5. Saying good-bye.

And finally:


1. The fans. Hands down. How much fun did we have? And thank you to everyone you showed us a good time at the Hyatt bar... you know who you are.

2. The Marriott Hotel. Which was beautiful.

3. Spending some time with "11th Hour" aka Susan, who rocks. What a brilliant woman.

4. The Q&A sessions. Those are always my most favorite, and I wish they lasted for three hours... not one. One isn’t enough, people!!

5. The panel involving the true Firefly/soon-to-be Serenity fans in the Hyatt on Sunday night. Thank you for welcoming me and letting me interrupt your panel. You guys are awesome.

6. All the people dressed up as the Firefly crew, especially the "Kaylee’s"... nice job!

7. Flipping Nathan the bird along with the rest of the Dragon*Con population.

8. The last-minute, absolutely wonderful birthday party thrown for Matty on his 25th birthday. Thanks for making him feel so welcome, as always.

9. All the "fabulous people" (you know who you are) I met in the VIP suite. Can’t wait to see you again.

10. The food. No, just joking..... I would say, lastly, the amount of spirit I witnessed. There are a lot of people out there who care about this show, and about "Serenity", and it’s future. Because of you, we may be able to do a few more movies... That’s the goal, right? I can’t express my gratitude enough to you people. Thanks for an awesome labor day weekend.

I’ll be keeping in touch.... Can’t wait for you guys to see that first trailer!!!!

Love Jewel

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