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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

New ’Chaos Bleeds’ is must for any Buffy fan

Tuesday 9 September 2003, by isa

CHUCK: Stories about vampires have been around a long time, but a popular series based on the idea began as a movie, which spawned a cult TV show.

It centers on the most unlikely vampire slayer of them all — a young woman named Buffy.

Now there’s a new game based on that show, as the star and her friends take on an army of vampires in the game with the charming title, "Chaos Bleeds."

EVAN: I’ve never been a devoted fan of the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but this game was a surprise to me, especially with such a bad title.

The game was surprisingly great. The graphics were good, the voice-overs were well done, and the plot is interesting. The controls are lacking a little bit, but nonetheless, hold up well when it’s time to slay some vampires.

Buffy is a wonderful concept, a surprisingly good game, and overall, it has my recommendation. Check it out. Grade: B+

JUSTIN: I’ve never watched Buffy before, and I know the series ended recently (and lives on in reruns), but after playing this game, it makes me want to see what I missed.

I think this game is just for fans of the show, though. It’s very simple, but you play as three characters. Each character has his or her own special ability to get you through the level.

The graphics look all right, and the fighting style in this game is neat. Whenever you jump, you kind of fly through the air and then kick. It’s neat.

Like I said, this is a game for fans — but anyone who’s up for something new and interesting, this game is for you. Grade: C

CHUCK: This game isn’t terribly innovative, but it successfully brings the action of the TV show to the undead world of video games. It’s worth a look (garlic is optional). Grade: B+

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds" is rated "M" for Mature because of violence.

Chuck Minsker and his sons, Justin, 18, and Evan, 15, have their own form of chaos at home — their new dog, Domino. She’s cute as the dickens, but still working on the housebroken thing. You can contact them at ChuckMinsker@aol.com.