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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

New DST/MAC Figures - Bunny Anya, Shirtless Spike

Tuesday 9 March 2004, by Webmaster

New DST/MAC Figures

Bunny Anya, shirtless Spike, and more - expect several figures and variants released late 2004/early 2005.

Late 2004/early 2005, Diamond Select Toys will be releasing the following figures and variants:


- Human Head with White T-Shirt

- Vampire Head with Black T-Shirt

- Shirtless

- Toyfare magazine exclusive Punk Spike as seen in the Season 5 episode "Fool For Love".


- Human

- Vampire

Toy Fair 2004 - DST/MAC: Buffy and Angel

Anya & Tara wave! Exclusive Willow & Tara 2-pack! More!

While limited photography was permitted, Diamond Select did reveal juicy details on their next assortment of Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figures. Following the "Willow Wave" will be Tara and Anya. Aside from a standard figure, Anya will star as four exclusives: her in a wedding dress, decked out as she appeared in the musical episode "Once More With Feeling", demon version and Anya suited-up in a removeable bunny suit (NOTE: without suit, Anya’s upper half will star the standard figs belly exposed top, the lower to feature her in jeans). Pictured above is the previously released MAC Bunny Anya Exclusive with non-removeable costume.

Come the end of this summer, an exclusive Willow and Tara 2-Pack will be released. Both repainted figures will ship with interlocking bases and, by fan request, Kitty Mr. Fantastico. Cinequest is one retailer that has signed onto this exclusive.

Plans for 2005 include action figures of Riley, Adam, and Lorne, just to name a few.

New DST/MAC Figures - Bunny Anya, Shirtless Spike - Gallery

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