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New Gossip : Angel on Fox Network ?

Wednesday 17 March 2004, by Webmaster


From nobledisaster: I heard rumblings that Angel might have some breath of a chance left in it. Please tell us heartbroken fans that there’s a glimmer of hope!

Kristin: Big ol’ ad in Variety today (yay!), rally on Friday at the WB camp (yay!), a win from this year’s Save One Show (SOS) campaign (85 percent of the votes!), flowers and candy bars to the higher-ups...the momentum just keeps building! Honestly, every day I’m more and more hopeful, though, sadly, I haven’t heard any concrete good news as of yet. The rumor is they’re now approaching Fox.

From seba_88: Do you think the SOS results could change the decision? More than 30,000 people (including me) voted for Angel. I mean, that’s gotta do something, right?

Kristin: Thirty thousand? Nah, try 340,000! And yes, I should hope that sends a message.

From laurelene: Is it true that Michelle Trachtenberg is coming back to Angel?

Kristin: According to the show’s rep, Michelle, Sarah Michelle and Alyson Hannigan have all been asked to come back to the show. Michelle is doing a movie for Disney, Alyson is doing theater overseas, and Sarah Michelle is supposedly ready and willing, but we’ll see what actually goes down. My hunch, based on everything I’ve heard (including Sarah’s interview with Sci Fi Wire), is that Alyson and Sarah will appear and that Michelle will not. (SLIGHTLY SPOILERISH) In the meantime, producers have worked up a storyline that may or may not include the actual players: Angel and Spike come across Buffy’s new beau (I hate him already, don’t you?) and have a "run-in" with both Summers girls (Buffy and Dawn), though it remains to be seen whether the girls are actually seen. The only known guest star in that episode (numero 20) is Andrew.

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  • > New Gossip : Angel on Fox Network ?

    17 March 2004 22:19, by Anonymous
    I think the rumor is about what was said at the Save Angel rally. Apparently some WB suits said that if we want Angel renewed, then we should get Fox to lower their licensing fees. Just a guess, though..
  • > New Gossip : Angel on Fox Network ?

    19 March 2004 16:01, by smarterthanyouraveragetelevisionexec.
    Angel on Fox....unlikely. Fox is to busy with their silly reality shows, which are anything but reality, and would have nowhere to put a show like Angel in there line up. Since Fox does own the liscense though maybe we’ll see a season 6 on FX....now that would be cool, imagine Angel on right before The Sheild, or Nip-Tuck.