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From Angelsindependent.org


New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

From Smgboard.com By Tara

Tuesday 23 March 2004, by Webmaster

The "other" Angel ad people have launched their site. It is started by two ladies who are huge DB fans. I believe one is in the UK and the other is in the US. They want to do a totally ship-free ad. Their ONLY agenda is to Thank the man they love.

I have been told they are working to get an image and until they do they have not begun the ad design. They have a lot of love and a lot of determination but have never done an ad so are still looking for experienced people willing to volunteer.

Look at the site and contact them with any of your questions


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  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    23 March 2004 23:42, by a concerned fan.

    I think the "other" ad deserves mention as well. The ad effort hosted by stranger-things.net is a multi-board, muti-fandom effort started by fans that just want to say thank you to David Boreanaz for his wonderful work and wish him well in his future. There will be absolutely *no* ship reference, nor is any *agenda* being pushed. I think the tone of this announcenment insinuates otherwise, and that is rather insulting to the many fans that are working dilligently to put the ad together.

    How about equal time for the other fan efforts to thank DB or does this board have an agenda?

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    25 March 2004 15:25, by AngelaG

    Hi, My name is Angela and I’m one of those huge DB fans mentioned above with more emphasis on the huge fan than huge ladies. LOL. Thanks for posting this up Tara we appreciate it.

    We are several, like minded business owners, professionals and avid fans of David Boreanaz. We believe everyone’s voice should be heard in thanking David Boreanaz for his hard work and dedication to his craft.

    We respect, encourage and acknowledge ALL fans from all areas of the Whedonverse.

    We invite everyone come join & help us in thanking David, and in wishing him a long and bright future in the years to come.

    We will be placing our David Boreanaz thank you ad in The Hollywood Reporter. We have been kindly donated a photograph of David by Mark Halper for our ad and are aiming for the May 11th 2004 international edition. We are well on our way to reaching that goal!

    Come join with us & help make this ad campaign an outstanding success!

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    26 March 2004 14:22, by DB fan

    I don’t quite understand why there are two ads. Wouldn’t it make sense for them to be combined. Of course it’s all good for DB but what if both sites are unable to come up with the funds. Seems like a waste of time and effort.

    What would be logical is for whoever started second to combine with the site that started it first, that way it would be guaranteed to get off the ground.

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    28 March 2004 03:06, by Angela

    Hi DB fan, I could say why not two? Others in the cast have had more than one ad so why not David. He is after all the lead on the show and given us eight years of his profesional life and talent.

    There are two ads for a reasons I don’t want to go into except to say its to help some fans out who want to contribute who wanted a neutral place to donate. Away from any ship sites.

    Also the timing of each is different, ours is for David’s birthday in May, just before the convention in Chicago that he’s going to.

    Both ads will be great. Ours at angelsindependent.org will definitely be going ahead. But we need you to help us show David his fans do care.

    We so want all David’s fans to get involved. We need suggestions for the ads copy. So get your thinking caps on and come over and mail us a.s.a.p.

    You guys are the best fans anyone could want. please help us.

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    28 March 2004 13:39, by DB fan

    Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that there are two ads, however I also think you are being erroneous in your comments when you said that the other site was a shipper site. From what I’ve seen of the other site I don’t believe this to be the case at all. And no I’m not a member of that site. I was however extremely curious about the vitriol that has been directed at this site from various boards in the fandom because they apparently have the audacity to say "thank you" to DB for all his hard work.

    To get back on topic though, while I applaud your efforts, I’m afraid to say that I won’t be donating to your ad as I am wary of a) sending money to private organisations, b) the other site has numerous pictures of the copy up as well as a proven track record in publishing ads which honour the actor and their work and c) they seem to be a lot more professional and organised.

    Good luck to you though, I hope you’re able to get your ad in by your deadline.

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    28 March 2004 23:38, by AngelAvenging

    Hi everyone! I’m one of the angelsindependent.org team. We’d like to explain and post our mission statement for all to see.

     Who is Angels Independent and why are we doing a David Boreanaz thank you ad 

    We are "providing an alternative" ad to thank DB.

    We won’t "dis" or "pounce" on anyone who submits an idea/suggestion. Everyone is welcome at Angels Independent Everyone will be heard and have a say. We respect everyone input! We just want to thank David The actor The man...for all he’s given us!

    If you can suggest the best way to do this without starting up a posting board. (I don’t have the time or resources to do this.) Please do...Our doors are always open! Just send us an email!

    I am going to put up a page to view the words/ideas submitted to us. At the moment I am busily working on getting this done!

    How/what is the best way to allow people to vote on what we will post on the page? Open to any/all ideas here!

    We want people to contribute ideas/suggestions/words for our ad. We want everyone to feel safe and secure at Angels Independent. That your ideas/words/suggestions are valued and important to us.

    There is an email link on our site to do this:

    Look for "Submit your ideas/suggestions - wording for the ad" Click it and submit your ideas! We will treasure/value each and every single idea/word/suggestion anyone sends in!

    We want you to know we harbor a positive, caring environment at

    How about that picture! LOL! We are using one of Mark Halper’s pictures. He specifically stated when I spoke to him on the phone, "we not to post any of the pictures he sent us on the Internet for "consumption"<—His words. He sent us 3 to choose from.

    We don’t want anyone to feel "left out" of our doing the picture choosing. Of the 3 pictures, Mark graciously offered us for royalty free usage. We chose the one we thought would work well in print ad form. We also felt the picture we chose best represented: David The Actor The Man . Once we get Mark Halper’s final ok and his tweeked b/w picture, I am assuming we’ll be able to post up a link to show the picture.

    Our picture is in no way similar to, nor is it the one, the "other" ad people are using. Mark wouldn’t do such a thing. Neither would we.

    All we want is to peaceably do our own ad. We have No stings...no affiliations..no agendas.

    All our ad portrays is the feelings/ideas/ideals of: "Thank you David Good work We love you Your fans" Nothing more nothing less.

    This is where "like-minded" came from. I have been a successful self employed business woman for over 12 years. This is where "business people" came from. :-) I hope that clears those words up! LOL!

    Sorry to ramble on so...but I hope this better clarifies where we stand, who we are, what we’re trying to do.

    See online : To clarify who we are.

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    30 March 2004 10:31, by A real David Fan

    DB fan,

    I’m not one to normally post here but your comments have whether intentionally or not been extreemly negative towards what is a fine campaign to honour a man who we admire and respect.

    I like yourself am a big David Boreanaz fan and have donated to this ’New Thank you ad’. The organisers of this ad have been extreemly open in what they are doing and why. They are being respectful of the photographer Mark Halper’s wishes and I can see nothing wrong in that.

    It is quite obvious to me and I suspect to others who have visited both ad sites to check what is happening which ad of the two has the integrity and grace and which has an ’attitude’ problem. Good luck my friend your arrogance is showing. LOL

  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    30 March 2004 14:34, by Anonymous

    Hi, I’d just like to say that I think these ad’s are a great way for Angel and David Boreanaz fans to show their love and support to a man who has given his all to a hugely successful television series!

    To the forces behind both of these ad’s.......A BIG THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    30 March 2004 14:47, by DB Lover!
    Hi! I’ve been to look at both sites for these thankyou ad’s and I just have to say, what a beautiful thought and gesture. Let’s just remember that this is about showing the love! I say YAY! to both sites and both ad’s!! I also say to those who need to listen, ’let’s not soil this beautiful gesture by bickering about it. I really don’t think that David wants his fans at eachother’s throats!!!!!!’ Let these ad’s be just what they were meant to be, a THANKYOU!!!!!
  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    30 March 2004 18:02, by Anonymous
    Ron Goodwin? Aren’t you married to one of the A-I organizers?
  • > New Thank You Ad From UK For David Boreanaz

    31 March 2004 00:35, by Anonymous
    Yay. Two ads for David, that’s great. Thanks to all who are involved. We love David. Its about time he got some recognition from the fans. Come on everyone lets make this happen. BOTH ads are good for David. Please leave the ’other’ ad alone. They are good people too. We all want David to get the recognition he deserves, right? Angel is the best show on TV and has given us some great shows. Let’s enjoy what’s left in peace please.