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New York Spas: Sports Club/LA NY (smg mention)

Monday 17 November 2003

New York Spas: Sports Club/LA New York - Making a Splash

A Spa Site Guest Article by Naomi Serviss, an award-winning travel/entertainment writer based in New York.

With branches sprouting coast to coast, The Sports Club/LA has been creating a buzz for years with guests who enjoy a good workout in addition to some fine body treatments. The latest New York addition, albeit still undergoing construction, promises to continue the stellar reputation of the franchise.

A recent visit to the Upper East Side Splash location (330 E. 61st St.) revealed as much sawdust as new carpeting. But ignoring that, I merely projected a few months from now and imagined how it would eventually look. In fact, after having visited the Boston facility, I have a pretty clear idea because all sites aim to consistently please the eye. Same carpeting, same clean lines of the locker room and same immaculate surroundings are anticipated here.

So my visit wasn’t the most aesthetically appealing. However, what it lacked in ambience it more than made up for in delivery of services. After filling out an extensive application that asks you to list any pre-existing medical condition, you’re asked to sign a waiver of liability if you opt for glycolic peels, endermology, micro dermabrasion and dermatological treatments. Since I was in for a basic facial, I had no fear and awaited my turn.

I was scheduled for a basic signature massage ($93, 50 min) and was lead to a spacious treatment room. Unfortunately, because I neglected to hydrate thoroughly before coming, my body temperature was a little elevated. On top of that, I had caffeine that morning and no breakfast. Things we tell our kids not to do. So, while I was receiving the wonderful, gentle massage, I suddenly felt very light-headed and unwell. The wonderful Lynn Temenski, who’s certified in every therapy under the sun, immediately stopped and tended to my needs. She brought water, an apple to restore my blood sugar, dimmed the light, adjusted the table and stayed with me until I felt better.

I share this with you because sometimes we all tend to over-do, over-schedule and over-extend ourselves, even when doing those things we love. Fortunately, I was in good hands and simply rested there for the remainder of my time. Refreshed, and gratefully to have such a caring therapist, I then had a lovely Vitamin C facial ($99, 90 min), a brand new offering that aided greatly in restoring my sense of well being.

The treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and loss of elasticity. It was deliciously fragrant without being cloying and I detected the aromas of sesame see paste, almond and other essential oils during the process. It’s a wonderful choice for city dwellers or city visitors and word has it the likes of Kim Cattral, Demi Moore, Tyra Banks, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Madonna have been known to frequent this (or the mid-town) site.

Speaking of the mid-town site, (45 Rockefeller Center, 212-818-8600) although it’s not outfitted with a spa, should be visited for one stellar reason: Pulse Restaurant, on the third floor. This beautiful restaurant, recently opened to the public, overlooking the famed ice skating rink, has delectable, health-geared cuisine that is absolutely delicious. You have to look carefully for the place, because so far there’s no outside sign, just Sports Club/L.A. on the outside. But believe me, it’s worth the effort.

The Sports Club/L.A. Splash Spa (330 E. 61st St.) has 8 massage rooms, 2 facial areas, 2 body treatment rooms, a sauna and a steam room.

Naomi Serviss is an award-winning travel/entertainment writer based in New York whose work has been published in The New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, Boston Herald, American Way, Latitudes, Traditions magazines and assorted newsletters and web sites.