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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

New Zealand Region 4 Buffy Season 7 Release Date

Monday 14 June 2004, by Webmaster


Available to own in two 3 Disc DVD Box Sets

LABEL: Twentieth Century Fox
RELEASE DATE: 24 June 2004
CAST: Sarah Michelle Gellar.
CATEGORY: Supernatural Action
DVD RRP: $89.99 each

The last ever season of Buffy is now on DVD! Don’t miss this great event.

Box Set 1 - Episodes 1-11:
Disc 1: ‘Lessons’, ‘Beneath You’, ‘Same Time, Same Place’, ‘Help’.
Disc 2: ‘Selfless’, ‘Him’, Conversations With Dead People’, Sleeper’.
Disc 3: ‘Never Leave Me’, ‘Bring On The Night’, ‘Showtime’.

DVD Special Features:
Disc 1: Audio Commentary For ‘Lessons’, Willow ‘Demon Guide’ (ROM Content).
Disc 2: Audio Commentary For ‘Selfless’, Audio Commentary For ‘Conversations With Dead People’.
Disc 3: Featurette - ‘Buffy: It’s Always Been About The Fans’, Trailers.

Box Set 2 - Episodes 12-22:
Disc 4: ‘Potential’, ‘The Killer In Me’, ‘First Date’, ‘Get It Done’.
Disc 5: ‘Storyteller’, ‘Lies My Parents Told Me’, ‘Dirty Girls’, ‘Empty Places’.
Disc 6: ‘Touched’, ‘End Of Days’, ‘Chosen’.

DVD Special Features:
Disc 4: Audio Commentary For ‘The Killer In Me’.
Disc 5: Audio Commentary For ‘Lies My Parents Told Me’, Audio Commentary For ‘Dirty Girls’.
Disc 6: Audio Commentary For ‘Chosen’, Featurette - Season 7
Overview ‘Buffy: Full Circle’, Featurette - ‘Buffy 101: Studying The Slayer’, Featurette - ‘Generation S’, Featurette - ‘The Last Sundown’, Outtakes Reel, Special - ‘Buffy Wraps’, Easter Egg.