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Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon - "Kitchen Confidential" Tv Series - Cancellation Rumor

Tuesday 11 October 2005, by Webmaster

More TV Cancellations And Pickups

Several weeks into the new TV season and whilst old favourites like "CSI", "Lost", "Desperate Housewives", etc. are doing as good as usual, no-one is really warming to the new shows. Some are doing pretty well but there’s no breakout hits and already the lines are being drawn. Some have been cancelled, others are being picked up for full season orders, most remain undecided.

My personal new show favourite - serial action thriller "Prison Break", along with the likes of Jason Lee comedy "My Name is Earl", Chris Rock comedy "Everybody Hates Chris", spooky teen drama "Supernatural", and multi-racial sitcom "Greetings from Tuscon" have all been granted full first season orders.

Undecided as yet but likely to get picked up are Geena Davis drama "Commander in Chief", Jennifer Love Hewitt heart warmer "Ghost Whisperer", David Boreanaz forensic drama "Bones", and Neil Patrick Harris/Alyson Hannigan sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" - all of which are doing well.

Likely to get the axe are dramas "Killer Instinct" and "Three Wishes" along with reality bomb "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart". Sci-fi serials "Surface" and "Invasion" are falling but haven’t reached bad enough levels to get marching orders, though "Threshold" is holding its own in its timeslot. Mandy Patinkin led forensic drama "Criminal Minds" started extremely well but has plummeted in subsequent episodes. "E-Ring" started terribly but a timeslot change has yielded improvements. Most shows are still on the fence pending several weeks worth of numbers, although Don Johnson legal drama "Just Legal", Chris O’Donnell legal drama "Head Cases", Bradley Cooper sitcom "Kitchen Confidential", Denise Richards led "Sex, Love & Secrets", and medical drama "Inconceivable" have already been cancelled.

3 Forum messages

  • Just Legal, Head Cases and Inconceivable have been cancelled.
  • It has not been cancelled yet. It is still in production and will return after baseball is over. This is from several reliable sources.
  • I have not watched ’Kitchen’ because I’m a devout Alyson fan. Had they not put these two shows on at the exact same time, maybe I’dve checked both out. Unfortunately I have class that night so I’m not able to watch one and tape the other. Sorry Nicholas, gotta go with my beautiful redhead!

    I’ve been watching ’Mother’ since it started and have enjoyed it so far. However this weeks episode (Oct. 10th, 2005. The one about old flame Natalie.) was WEAK, the worst one of the series. So if you just saw that episode and decided you didnt like the show, give it another chance. I watched ’Life With Bonnie’ four times before making my final decision that i hated it and gave up.