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Official Angel Magazine #11 UK - Exclusive Press Release

Tuesday 18 May 2004, by Webmaster

Angel Issue#11

Welcome, Angel fans, to another great issue of Angel Magazine! In Issue 11, on sale 13 May, we bring you the latest news from the set, cast and crew, co-executive producer Jeffrey Bell talks us through the latest episodes and Amy Acker tells us about Fred’s traumatic transformation. We go behind-the-scenes on Season Five’s tearjerker episode “A Hole in the World”, and actress Navi Rawat discusses Dana, the unstable Slayer in “Damage”.

L.A. News
David Boreanaz reveals his feelings on the end of Angel, and explains he explains that he is grateful to no longer be shouldering the responsibility of carrying such a successful show. Jeffery Bell discusses possible Angel TV re-incarnations and the possibility of a Buffy cameo in the show finale is assessed. Plus, we take a look at the Save Angel campaigns.

Jeffrey Bell
The Angel co-executive producer talks about recent episodes “A Hole in the World” and “Shells”, and answers some more reader questions!

Farewell Fred
Fred has enjoyed an interesting story arc on Angel, from slave girl in the demon dimension Pylea to heading up Wolfram & Hart’s science department. This season Joss Whedon decided that it was time to shake up the mild-mannered Texan, and so the idea of Illyria was born. Actress Amy Acker tells us about the drastic transformation, the emotional aspect of having to say goodbye to Fred and reveals what had been planned for the character in Season Six.

Body Snatcher
It’s a day like countless others in the Wolfram & Hart offices, that is until Fred is taken ill after coming into contact with a mysterious sarcophagus. Angel Magazine goes behind-the-scenes on the emotionally charged Season Five episode “A Hole in the World”. Prepare yourself for exploding bugs, flame-throwers and the odd tear or two!

Wish you were here?
It’s the time of year when thoughts turn to summer breaks and long holidays in the sun. Well how about foregoing the usual rush to Spain or Florida and try somewhere a little more exotic? Ever thought of Pylea? We have all of the background information that the first time inter-dimensional traveller could need!

The Trouble with Slayers
Buffy finished with the positive idea that the Slayer’s powers would be shared amongst all Potential Slayers in the world, and Angel Season Five episode “Damage” explored the ramifications of an unstable and disturbed Slayer gaining her powers. We talk to Navi Rawat about the difficulties surrounding the portrayal of such a broken and troubled character, future plans, projects and prospects.

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In Issue #60 we have news on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Angel appearance decision, Emma Caulfield, a.k.a. Anya, talks to us about what she’s been doing since Buffy ended and the actress behind Anya’s vengeance buddy Halfrek, Kali Rocha, reveals the history of her character. We examine Willow’s wicca evolution, take a look at the funny side of Buffy and find out what happened to Robia La Morte, a.k.a. Sunnydale computer science teacher Jenny Calendar. Plus there’s the chance for you to win an authentic Buffy prop!

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