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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Official Buffy Magazine #12 US - Exclusive Press Release

Thursday 25 March 2004, by Webmaster

Buffy issue #12

Happy Birthday to us! This 12th issue of Buffy Magazine, marks our second birthday! And to celebrate we have yet another great magazine for you! There are interviews with James Marsters (Spike) and Kali Rocha (Cecily/Halfrek), former Buffy co-executive producer Marti Noxon answers some of your questions, we take a closer look at some of the key Buffy romances and reveal our top 50 Buffy moments!

Sunnydale Herald
As Sarah Michelle Gellar decides that she will not be taking up the offer of a guest appearance on Angel, David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon give their reactions to her announcement. Find out what the Buffy cast and crew have been doing, including Alyson Hannigan starring in the London stage version of When Harry Met Sally, and Michelle Trachtenberg’s Eurotrip. Plus, Tom Lenk, a.k.a. Andrew, talks about his move to Angel and Buffy’s finale.

The Marsters Class
James Marsters has being playing the mercurial vampire, Spike, since Season Two of Buffy and is now appearing on Angel. The actor has earned his stripes the hard way, founding two theatres, starring in over 70 plays and producing 20-30! We chat about life pre-Spike, the differences between Angel and Buffy and current raison d’etre, his band, Ghost of the Robot.

Marti Noxon
Former Buffy co-executive producer Marti Noxon found some time between working on her new show Still Life and being a new mom, to answer some of the questions that you’ve sent in. Find out about spin offs, the original choice for The First and much more! If you have a question for Marti, email: putting ‘Questions for Marti’ as the subject header, or post letters to Buffy Magazine, PMB 1-296, 8205 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046-5977.

A Career in Vengeance
The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a similarity between the object of pre-vampire William’s affections and Anya’s vengeance demon pal, Halfrek. We’re joined by actress Kali Rocher to investigate the connection, and to hear about her time as Anya’s confidante.

Top of the Pops
It was tough, and you’ll probably have a much-loved moment that we’ve missed, but this is our top 50 Buffy moments. From the funny - seeing Buffy in that lovely Doublemeat Palace uniform, to the scary - such as the over-toothed Das Kindestod in “Killed by Death”, and many other classic, tear-jerking and action-packed moments. Plus, members of the Buffy Magazine team choose their favorite moment.

Love Stories
Some of the most pivotal Buffy relationships are put under the microscope this issue, including Spike and Dru, Buffy and Angel, Willow and Oz and Buffy and Spike. And test your knowledge of Buffy romance in our special quiz - ‘The Love Trial’!

Settling the Score: Robert Duncan talks about composing Season Seven’s musical moments. Where are they now? - Jamaican Vampire Slayer: Kendra Competition - Win Willow action figures! Poster - double sided Buffy/Buffy and Spike poster! And much, much more!!!

Angel Magazine #3 on sale NOW!
In Angel Magazine Issue Three we celebrate the 100th episode of Angel with a full report from the centenary party! There are interviews with Andy Hallett (Lorne), Sarah Thompson (Eve) and Mercedes McNab (Harmony), executive producer Jeffrey Bell discusses the latest Angel developments, join us behind-the-scenes with the Angel make-up department and we investigate the spooky subject of visions.

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