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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Official Buffy Magazine #60 UK - Exclusive Press Release

Friday 23 April 2004, by Webmaster

Buffy Issue #60

Hey there Buffy fans! So spring has sprung, and with it the latest issue of Buffy Magazine! Not so many gambling lambs and cute rabbits - well definitely no rabbits if Anya’s got anything to do with it - but plenty of news, interviews and features from the Hellmouth!

In Issue #60, on sale 29 April, we have news on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Angel appearance decision, Emma Caulfield, a.k.a. Anya, talks to us about what she’s been doing since Buffy ended, we examine Willow’s evolution and take a look at the funny side of Buffy.

Sunnydale Chronicle
Sarah Michelle Gellar sets the record straight over the real reasons why she has yet to appear in Angel. James Marsters’ band, Ghost Of The Robot, add an extra date to their European tour and Eliza Dushku’s (a.k.a. Faith) new show, Tru Calling, arrives on Sky One!

When vengeance demon Anya lost her powers and became a mere mortal, it was unclear who was the more upset about the change, but the Scooby Gang soon accepted her as one of their own. Actress Emma Caulfield tells Buffy Magazine about her self-developed film Bandwagon and her fascination with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Data!

Plus - ever at a loss on how to behave in tricky social occasions? Worry no more with Anya’s handy guide to etiquette!

Calendar Girl
The feisty and sexy computer science teacher, Jenny Calendar, was a firm favourite for Buffy fans. Actress Robia La Morte had an interesting journey to Buffy, via Pet Shop Boys tours, Prince album covers and Beverly Hills 90210. She tells us what she enjoyed, most - and least - about her role, and reveals her ambition to work on action show, like Alias.

Laughter Track
It was the knowing and dry sense of humour that helped Buffy to become the critically acclaimed success that it was. From the outset, Buffy went against standard horror conventions, by turning the a-typical pretty young blonde vampire bait into a wise-cracking, high-kicking Slayer. In this issue we look at the comedy of Buffy, revealing our choice of the funniest episodes and wittiest moments along the way!

And there’s more...
Willow’s evolution - from computer geek to all-powerful Wicca! Win Season Seven DVDs and an authentic Buffy prop! Halfrek actress Kali Rocha reveals her character’s true past! The Trial - test your Buffy knowledge in our quiz! Before and after - Xander Harris

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Buffy Magazine Issue #60 on sale 29 April!

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Angel Magazine #10 on sale now!
In issue #10 we have interviews with the entire Angel cast, Joss Whedon and co-executive producer Jeffrey Bell give their reactions to the cancellation, Tom Lenk talks about Andrew’s return and Jonathan Woodward discusses the über-nice (?) Knox. Plus, there’s the first in our great new collection of Buffy and Angel character guides, starting with a brilliant guide to Spike - we chart his history, find out about actor James Marsters, choose our favourite Spike episodes and much, much more!

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