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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Official Buffy Magazine #63 UK July 2004 - Exclusive Press Release

Tuesday 20 July 2004, by Webmaster

Buffy Issue #63

In Issue #63 of Buffy Magazine we reveal the latest news on the Buffy: Animated series, with updates on who’s in and who’s not, plus, Buffy: Animated’s executive producer Jeph Loeb, discusses the possibility of the new series! There’s also some great new interviews, fabulous features and loads more!

Keeping the Faith - read the first part of our brilliant, all-new interview with actress Eliza Dushku, in which we hear about how she fell into acting and her time on Buffy! You can read the second part of this interview, where Eliza discusses Angel and Tru Calling in Angel #14 (on sale 5 August).

Howling at the Moon - We take an in depth look at Willow’s werewolf boyfriend, Oz and Seth Green, the actor who played him Oz!

Drew Greenberg - the Buffy writer responsible for some of the most memorable moments from the show, such as Buffy’s birthday celebrations in “Older and Far Away” and Tara and Willow’s brief reunion in “Entropy”, discusses his favourite episodes and reveals the stories he would have liked to explore.

Conventional? - We have a very special report from the recent Buffy Fusion convention.

Buffy Magazine Issue #63
On sale 22 July!

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Angel Magazine #13 on sale now!
Angel #13 delivers all the latest news from the Angelverse, an interview with Alexis Denisof (Wesley) and we spend a day with the Angel stunt team! Plus, there’s the first half of our indispensable guide to Season Four!

The third of our Buffy/Angel character guides focuses on Angel! It includes all the information you’ll ever need on David Boreanaz, plus, Angelus’ guide to being evil and there’s some very wall-worthy Angel pin-ups!

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  • I see cute little Oz/Seth...I like that guy ..Ill say it again ..YES HES SO CUTE ha the cover with James and Eliza looks great..thank you very much.

    See online : Official Buffy Magazine #63 UK July 2004-Exclusive press release.

  • I’m fed up of them crossing over the magazine articles and giveaways. I decided after issue 3 of Angel mag that only one Buffy related magazine was needed and stuck with the buffy one, I’m fed up of buying both just to read the end of a bloody article its pathetic. Its not like Alias magazine finishes off its articles in Star Trek mag so why do buffy and angel do it, they might be almost the same but that doesn’t mean people MUST buy both. By composing them like this, it is ripping off the people who can’t afford to spen 6 for one magazin (put the 2 together and thats how much your paying to read the full Eliza Dushku interview!!!)