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One More Angel Character Won’t Be in The Finale

Saturday 3 April 2004, by Webmaster

Cordy Not in the Finale

A friend of Charisma Carpenter reveals that she will not appear in the series finale.

"Guys I know you are all going to be disappointed but, Charisma Carpenter is not going to be in the finale episode as far as I know." Said Chrissy, a friend of Charisma Carpenter.

"I was just out there for Donovan’s BD and spoke with Hersey who is the driver for the A crew and he said that they only had two more weeks of shooting and that he would be finished at that time.

Also Charisma Carpenter never mentioned anything about it to me and believe me she would have told me if that were the case. I’m really sorry I was hoping to see Charisma Carpenter in the finale episode as well."

It seems that Cordy’s death in "You’re Welcome" was definitely a finale one and we won’t see Charisma Carpenter in the role of Cordelia Chase again.

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  • good, bringing her back again would be stupid.
  • > One More Angel Character Won’t Be in The Finale

    4 April 2004 14:24, by Anonymous
    Fuck it Cordy and Charisma are whores that deserve to die and suck dicks 24/7! Buffy rules forever and Cordy should never have been a character and Charisma should never have acted in it! Fuck them!
  • > One More Angel Character Won’t Be in The Finale

    5 April 2004 02:20, by Wolverine68

    Duh, I could haver told you that. The woman is dead.

    Not to say that the dead don’t return ever (I mean the main character is undead-lol), but the fact is Cordy died because Charisma wanted to move on to do other things.

    We should be happy she came back to do one last episode. I respect her decision, and wish her well.

  • > One More Angel Character Won’t Be in The Finale

    5 April 2004 12:24, by anaheimboy
    Uh, obviously you’re a little lost. It was NOT her decision. She was bumped from the cast. She was betrayed by her "family" she worked with for so long and her last episode was to make THEM look good and say "See, we gave her chance to come back." So, no, it’s not Charisma’s choice to go on to different things. SHE HAD TO because of that NICE guy Joss Whedon.
  • > One More Angel Character Won’t Be in The Finale

    5 April 2004 22:25, by Mia the Vampire Slayer
    Whoa. Whoever was mouthing off about how she never should have been on the show should seriously keep it to themselves. That was a little disturbing. I just have to say that while the info stated here was fairly obvious (we’ve all heard about the behind the scenes feuds) it would have been nice to see at least one of the old Buffy cast come back, although that doesn’t seem likely now. Also, I thought these forums were supposed to be monitored - I’ve seen more swearing on here today than I have in the past 5 months... in the words of the old Sunnydale mayor: "And boys? Let’s watch the swearing."(And girls, for that matter.) Thank you.
  • > One More Angel Character Won’t Be in The Finale

    6 April 2004 02:34, by Anonymous
    Ha, you shouldn’t say he’s wrong when you don’t know what your talking about. She wasn’t fired. She wanted to go. Just like Gellar wanted to go. Besides, I liked Cordy fine, but you gotta admit, the end of season three and all of season four she was just sucking up the show. Almost as bad as Connor was. Bringing her back would be just as bad as making Angel and Buffy together at the end.

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