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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Peter David (spike comics writer) at I-Con, 8-9 April 2005

Tuesday 12 April 2005, by Webmaster

Been a Busy Few Days

I’m starting to piece things back together after a busy few days.

I attended I-Con on Friday and Saturday. I’ve been going to the con regularly for over twenty years now. This time out, part of what made it special was that Jewel Staite was there. Jewel, who Bill Mumy and I helped cast in "Space Cases" so that we coulc cunningly rip off Joss Whedon’s casting her as an engineering genius on a space ship a mere eight years before he did. Her husband, Matt (sorry guys) was along with her. Also met Rockne O’Bannon, who astounded me by knowing who I was (which surprised the hell out of me.) It was also nice seeing Bob Greenberger, who must be getting well and truly sick of me since we saw each other at the Eisner Memorial.

Sunday I attended the World Horror Convention, mostly because it was a change to see Harlan and Susan. Saw someone unexpected as well: Rev. Al Sharpton coming out of the Sheraton Hotel, who walked right across my path. I told him I thought he’d done well on "Boston Legal." Got to the convention, went to the charity auction, and won the oppportunity to be brutally murdered in an upcoming fantasy novel by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson. So that should be fun. Went out in the evening with the Ellison, Cliff Meth and his wife, and Kathleen came into the city to join us.

Went today to Mets opening day. Everything was going fairly well until some seven year old boy running with his open bottle of Pepsi collided with me and spilled a measure of the contents all over the front of my pants. Thus it appeared as if the Mets come-from-behind win had caused me to lose bladder control. So that was great.

Then I go on line for the first time in a few days and discover that a spam bot unleashed on this website caused my mail account to be flooded out (thanks to my receiving an e-mail confirmation every time any posting is made on this site.) Wonderful.