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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Pierce Askegren - "Buffy : Afterimage" Novel - He has passed away in November 2006


Tuesday 5 December 2006, by Webmaster

Pierce Askegren has died. The author of the Buffy novel Afterimage, as well as novels based on Marvel Comics, Alias, and more, and the original SF trilogy The Inconstant Moon, and short stories in dozens of anthologies.

Pierce’s death was posted on the SF Site News.

I just got off the phone with Pierce’s brother. Pierce died just before Thanksgiving, apparently of natural causes. But it wasn’t publicized prior to yesterday. The autopsy results are expected back today or tomorrow.

Pierce was 51, and his brother said anyone with questions can e-mail him at Pierce’s old account: pierceaskegren@yahoo.com, which will be periodically checked.

Pierce’s last short story— "Try and Try Again," will appear in the anthology "Time Twisters," coming out from Daw January 2nd.


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