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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Portrait Of A Slayer : Big Screen Buffy VS Little Screen Buffy

Friday 3 September 2004

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  • totally prefer Sarah..
  • No competion there....SARAH GELLAR is the best Vampire Slayer...Final and for most,the only Vampire Slayer to have world wide reconison....Thats my opinion and Im sticking too it ...lolololol

    See online : Portrait Of A Slayer:Big Screen Buffy VS Little Sceen Buffy

  • sarah is waaay better
  • Sarah rules thats all I need to say
  • I must say that I think Kristy did a good job of playing a ditzy Coredlia-esque Buffy.

    But Sarah is Buffy. She’s brought so much to the character over 7 seasons. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else playing Buffy.

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is the chosen one... no more.. SARAH is the greatest Vampire Slayer of all time.. the only Buffy ... the other is nothing.
  • The studio "experts" knowing far more about every thing re: the filming of the original movie, managed to drive the one man who did know what BtVS the movie should and would be, Joss Wedon, left the filming of his own movie in disgust! given this atmosphere Kristy was great! You may have seen this type of management greatness later when the series BtVS was cancelled, and then again when Angel was cancelled. YES TOMMIE! THERE ARE JOBS FOR YOU AND YOURS AND NO! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE LITERATE OR INSIGHTFUL!! Just apply for management at WB. I haven’t felt as "miffed" by executive decision since being invited to attend the party held in Viet Nam and then being snubbed at the last min.(lack of moral fiber or something such) I think Sara and Kristy were both great, not as great as the a$$ wholes who did their best to see that we saw what they wanted us to see! P.S. Thanks to Joss, and David and Marti,and all who did the best work I’ve seen in 45 years of watching!!@XX
  • Btvs wasn’t cancelled after 7 years. The WB cancelled both Angel and Btvs after 5 years, but btvs got lucky and upn took them on for 2 more years. Then Joss and Sarah both decided that instead of letting the show loose even more quality, it was time to pack it in. so they did. and what mag is this from? I wouldn’t think there is any question to who buffy is... most people dont even remember there was a movie.
  • Um Buffy wasn’t cancelled by the WB after season 5. It was the 3rd highest rated show on the WB (after 7th Heaven and eww, Charmed) UPN outbid the WB after Buffy’s contract with them ran out and FOX demanded more money for airing rights. Buffy moved for simply financial reasons, it would’ve remained in the WB had UPN not outbid. Any true Buffy fan could tell you that.
  • Maybe you should get buffy season 6 on dvd and watch the a&e biography of the show. As Marti says "It seemed impossible that we could be gone, and over something like money." Then Joss says "But then UPN came in, and they said: Oh, so the WB is going to divorce you? Well we are going to marry you." "I felt so upset, I had to stop filming the last episode. They gave us a cake, thanks for 100 great episodes, and they were going to cancel us."