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Possible casting rumour for Firefly’s ’Serenity’

By Garth Franklin

Wednesday 31 March 2004, by Webmaster

Assorted Film & TV Casting Rumble

Posted: Monday March 26th, 2004 9:20pm (Au-EST)

Author: Garth Franklin

From ex sand duners turning into vampires, vampires becoming space cowboys, and 80’s stars being - well 80’s stars. Assorted casting talk from around the world on a variety of TV shows and shows-turned-films.

Magnum P.I.
Who Magazine reports that contrary to rumours that George Clooney would take on the great mustache, Producer Brian Grazer says he’s determined not to cheese off any of those stringent 80’s fans by doing such a drastic re-cast. "Tom [Selleck] is and always has been Magnum. We’re not even looking at anyone else. Tom’s been trying to get a film version of Magnum made for years, so if anything, imagine’s merely the steam to guide his loco. And really, could imagine anyone else carrying that moustache as well as he does?.

Mission: Impossible III
On top of what looks to be Phil Seymour Hoffman playing the villain, the likes of both Scarlet Johanssen and Carrie-Ann Moss have apparently been contacted for two female roles in the film - that of ’Leah’ and Ethan’s love interest respectively.

Gorgeous actress Gina Torres was at the Sci-Fi Slam convention in Pasadena and revealed a mini-scoop. After talking a little about how disappointed she is with the fact that "Angel" is ending, Torres added "l is not lost, because Joss [Whedon] wants to get David [Boreanaz] on "Serenity" I hear". Looks like Angel might be appearing in the "Firefly" movie. She also confirmed Shepard Book (Ron Glass) will definitely be in the movie.

Dark Shadows (TV)
BarnabusUndead reports that many more roles from the new Dark Shadows have been cast, including the role of Barnabas Collins. "Dune" star Alec Newman is set to play Barnabus, Jessica Chastain is Carolyn Stoddard, Martin Donovan ("The Opposite of Sex") is Roger Collins, Marley Shelton ("Valentine") is Victoria Winters, Alexander Gould (who portrayed Nemo in "Finding Nemo") is David Collins, Bosnia-born actress named Ivana Milicevic ("Love Actually", "Buffy") has been cast as Angelique, and Matt Czuchry ("Jake 2.0") is Willie Loomis.

Doctor Who (TV)
The BBC reports that ex-pop star Billie Piper is in line to play Doctor Who’s female companion in the revival of the sci-fi show. A BBC spokesman said the role will not be finally decided for another eight weeks, but Piper is in the running and is favoured by the new series’ executive producer Russell T Davies. Piper can soon be seen starring opposite Orlando Bloom in "The Calcium Kid".

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