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’Primeval’ Gets Ready To Take On ’Doctor Who’ - Makes ITV debut next week (buffy mention)

Michael Hinman

Monday 5 February 2007, by Webmaster

Apparently BBC can’t have all the time traveling fun.

ITV wants to create a "Doctor Who" dynasty all on its own with a new series that premieres next week that some say is the big budget version of the BBC classic. "Primeval" is set in the Forest of Dean where a series of unexplained incidents brings together scientists who begin investigating tears in the space-time continuum, bringing together history, pre-history and the present all in one shot.

Digital Spy is giving some of the details of who we will see and what we can expect in the new series, starting with the show’s star, Douglas Henshall.

Henshall, who played Ducalon in 1997’s "Kull the Conqueror," plays Nick Cutter, an evolutionary zoology professor at Central Metropolitan University.

"Reluctantly optimistic would probably be the best way to describe Nick," Henshall said, according to Digital Spy. "He is someone who has such passion for this work, but I think he’s built up a false gravity. The fact that his wife is missing means that a part of him is permanently somewhere else."

Joining Henshall is James Murry, who plays Cutter’s university colleague Stephen Hart.

"He’s definitely Professor Cutter’s right hand man, both professionally and personally," Hart said. "Wherever they are, or whatever they are doing, Stephen is the guy who has got Nick’s back."

Also joining the adventures in the forest is Abby Maitland, played by Hannah Spearritt, a zoo animal handler who thankfully specializes in reptiles. Abby actually comes into the show unemployed because of budget constraints at the university, but they say the space-time tears definitely pay in dividends.

Andrew-Lee Potts plays Connor Temple, one of Cutter’s students at the university who the actors describes as someone so excited about what is happening to the team, he can’t keep himself contained.

"I like to call him a unique geek. He provides much of the comedy — he’s a genuinely funny guy and a super-intellectual, whch is a pretty fierce combination. But he’s always putting his foot in it," Potts said.

And Connor isn’t afraid to throw out some shout-outs to the amazing women of the genre apparently, as Digital Spy reports his ideal woman to be someone like Buffy from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or even Rose Tyler, late of "Doctor Who."

Lucy Brown plays a character with the same last name as herself: Claudia Brown. She works in what is described as the "Home Office," and becomes somewhat of an unwilling participant in the events that transpire through the series.

"Although she’s rather new to the job, she’s extremely direct and manages herself incredibly well in what is a predominantly male environment," Brown said.

Finally, Ben Miller plays James Lester one of the older cast members on the show, who is Claudia’s highly skeptical boss.

"He’s your archetypal moustache-twirling villain who really enjoys being bad," Miller said. "He’s the kind of guy who has no fixed position in the field of government, but is very, very powerful and his job basically is to just keep everything quiet."

"Primeval" premieres Feb. 10 on ITV1.