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Ray Wise - "Dollhouse" Tv Series - He joins the cast

mardi 15 septembre 2009, par Webmaster

Exclusive : Ray Wise moves into ’Dollhouse’

Ray-Wise_lIt’s not James Marsters but this will do nicely…

Dollhouse has tapped spooky-cool Ray Wise to join the cast in the potentially recurring role of Howard, an intelligent higher-up in the Dollhouse who has huge presence and humor.

Wise is coming off of a two-year stint as Lucifer on The CW’s Reaper. Of course, to me, he’ll forever be the dude who offed Laura Palmer.

Dollhouse, which kicks off season 2 a week from Friday, is amassing quite the impressive talent roster this season. In addition to Wise, upcoming guest stars include Jamie Bamber, Keith Carradine, Alexis Denisoff, and Summer Glau.

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