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Report From Ringside at DragonCon 2004 With Serenity Cast

By Tausetiprime

Monday 6 September 2004, by Webmaster

Just got back from the Firefly panel at DragonCon!

Quite the show, actually......

I had never been to a con like this before, so I was very impressed. Nathan, Jewel, and Adam were very funny, very well spoken.

They talked about their favorite episodes, and indicated that the movie will feature a harder, less emotional, colder captain (as was in the Pilot ep).

They also told us that 8 months will have passed between the end of the series and the big damn movie.

Adam sang the hero of canton!

Adam said "I’ll be in my bunk" (saw that coming a mile away).

Nathan’s brother Jeff called in the middle of the panel. We all said "Hi".

These guys talk about Joss Whedon like he can control when the tide comes in.

The set they filmed the movie on can shake at the push of a button (instead of in the series, where they had to fake an explosion or something).

They took a question about Book’s identity. They gave no discernable answer other than "he’s a preacher" Gorrammit!

They called all their fans many very nice names......also used the term "rabid"

Their new inside joke is for Nathan to speak in a cheesy announcers voice and screw up everyone’s name....such as: "This summer....starring in the new Serenity movie......Alan toodyke."

Standing ovations at the beginning and end.

Standing room only, and then they cut people off......filled the room to capacity! Way to go Browncoats!

I think that about covers it.....I may have missed a thing or two.

Hope everyone is well!


They didnt call it the dark ages because it was dark.