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Reports from Browncoats on Serenity set start rolling in

By Cpf240

Tuesday 13 July 2004, by Webmaster

Ok, I am back home now, had a bite to eat, need a shower, and have a few minutes to organize some electrons into something readable. I don’t know how much I can/should say about what went on today, but here are some things off the top of my head. 6 AM call time, got there at about 5:40, was told to go to stage 12. Find stage 12, told to go to stage 6, also know as "the holding area". Check in goes great, meet Sasha from Background Players, she is a very nice lady! Now its off to Wardrobe for my costume.

The Wardrobe trailer was crowded and had many little insects flying around. I found my costume and changed. After wardrobe. most of the men waited in the holding area while the women were getting their hair and makeup. There were some really incredible costumes, hair styles, and makeup.

While waiting for my turn with the makeup people, I found my fellow Browncoats! Saxon, Coffewench, DG, Rick, DVDGuy, etc. We spent most of our “down time” talking about the show, cluing in non-Browncoat extras, and just generally having a good time.

When called, I was taken over to one of the makeup trailers and handed over to a nice makeup artist named Heather. She gave me some mutton chops, definitely a new look for me! Heather was great! She would check up on me throughout the day to make sure the chops were holding up.

After some more waiting, we were taken to the set on stage 12. Upon entering the stage, we were given our props, and led around this huge wooden structure. As we walked around it, I looked into a doorway in the side of the structure, and what did I see? Simon’s Sickbay! Too Cool!

We were given our places to stand, and instructions on what we were supposed to be doing. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how much detail I should give here, so I’ll be sort of vague. From my position, I could see into the cargo bay of Serenity, the cargo bay door was open!

All but Inara and Book of our BDH’s were there. I was in the background in four or five scenes, each of which required several rehearsals and a few takes. Sadly I did not get to interact with any of the BDH’s, though I strongly suggest looking for Saxon’s post when it comes, as she might have something to say about someone she knows who “interacted” with our BDH’s!

After they were done with the first shots, we were lead out of the set. On our way out, what large, insect-shaped object did we walk around? None other than the full-scale bridge of Serenity! There was no glass in the cockpit windows, so we were able to see quite a bit, even though those windows were 10 to 15 feet off the ground. That warranted another Too Cool! We went back and forth between the set and the holding area a few times as they set up for new scenes, etc.

They had a very nice lunch set up for us in the holding area. I know some of you really do want *all* the details, but do you really need the lunch menu? Well, I’m not telling! And I’m not going to tell you what I did with the fork Jewel threw out... just kidding! We did see Nathan, Jewel and Summer eating lunch across the aisle from us, and some did go and talk to them. I’ll leave those details for the stories from those who were brave enough.

Sadly, most, if not all, of us were on the set when the cakes were delivered, and at this time we don’t know if anyone got a picture of them before they were devoured. There was nothing left by the time any of us got back to the holding area. I suspect Reavers got ’em!

After a long day we were sent back to return our props, costumes, etc. We signed out, then sat around and talked a bit. We were waiting for a nice P.A. to finish up some paperwork. Once that was done, the Browncoats were taken on a brief tour of the Serenity sets! Since they were closing down, it was dark in most of the areas, for example we could not really see into the engine room because it was so dark.

The first thing I saw was the door to Kaylee’s quarters! At the moment I am a little fuzzy on what order we saw the rooms in, but I know we saw the dining room, some little lounge areas, the guest quarters, cargo bay - with new and improved mule, Jayne’s weights, sickbay, and the guest quarters.

We were not allowed on the bridge, as there was some construction going on up there. This is when we all said good-bye and went our separate ways.

Is it really over already? I can’t believe it. I’ve waited over a month for this day to arrive, and already it is gone. What’s that they say about sweet sorrow?