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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Robert Joseph Levy - "Buffy : Go Ask Malice" Book available on Amazon.co.uk

Wednesday 15 March 2006, by Webmaster

Synopsis :

All her life, Faith has been a loner. Growing up in a broken home in south Boston, the only friend she could talk to was an imaginary companion called Alex, who helped her to escape to a fantasy world of monsters, far from the grim reality of her everyday life. But when social services take her away from her mother, Faith discovers all too soon that monsters themselves are real.

When Diana Dormer, a representative from the Watchers’ Council, comes to prepare her for her destiny - to be the Slayer, the Chosen One; to stand alone against the forces of darkness - Faith is better equipped than most for the task ahead. Then her childhood companion, Alex, returns to bring her a warning in her dreams. Something is coming for her, something beyond her wildest nightmares: a force so deadly and unforgiving that it has inspired fear for a thousand generations - and its name is Malice.

As memory and fantasy begin to merge, Faith’s two world’s collide, with cataclysmic results - and a violent battle begins for the Slayer’s soul.