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Rumor Mill : "Serenity 2" Movie To TV ?

Shannon Nolley

Wednesday 7 December 2005, by isa

With the DVD release just weeks away, eager fans are stirring up some tantalizing tales.

IGN Filmforce is reporting a "rumor" that Universal may create a "Serenity" sequel film to premiere - not on the big screen - but on the SciFi Channel, a subsidiary of NBC Universal.

According to IGN, despite disappointing sales at the box office for the movie, strong sales of the TV series "Firefly" on DVD might have swayed the studio.

However, when IGN checked with Joss Whedon’s camp, it denied the claim. Universal did not comment.

Some "Firefly" chat rooms speculated that the rumor may have stemmed from an interview that Whedon did with IGN on December 1st to promote the upcoming release of the movie on DVD. After viewing the clip, this devoted "Firefly" fan can report that - despite a desperate desire for another installment with Serenity and her crew - she heard no mention of a TV deal.

We can only hope that even if the rumor for a sequel isn’t true now, it will be soon. "Firefly" fans will take whatever we can get.

Perhaps DVD sales of the movie will push world-wide totals over the "magic" number (current totals are just over $37 million) to convince studio execs that a sequel will be profitable. The "Serenity" DVD will be released December 20th. I know it’s at the top of my wish-list this holiday season. —