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Sarah Michelle Gellar

SMG in an Animated Tv Film : 2004 A Light Knight’s Odyssey

Monday 1 September 2003, by Webmaster

Sarah Michelle Gellar will play/speak Ranger.

Take the tour and you will get to a page where when you click Sarah’s face you hear a section of the role she played/spoke.


Who’s in it? John Travolta , Samuel L. Jackson , Sarah Gellar , James Earl Jones , Anne Archer , Christian Slater

What’s it about? The Cassini spacecraft is about to be destroyed. Arriving in the Saturn system in 2004, it is targeted by the Void and his anti-matter army led by Fear (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) to keep humanity in ignorance about the Cosmos. As an unlikely Hero, Dave (voice of John Travolta), a single photon, is recruited to lead a mission to save the NASA mission and foil the powers of darkness. A CGI Large Format film scheduled to be released in early 2004, and based on the current NASA/JPL mission to Saturn.