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Spoilers & Speculation About Season Beginning

By Madetolove

Monday 1 September 2003, by Webmaster

1) The rumors that eps one and two are a two part season premiere that were both written by Joss are to my knowledge false. Joss wrote/directed ep one, but David Fury wrote ep two and was on the set the day I was (although Joss always has a hand in the writing of every episode). James Contner directed ep two. Episode one’s main plot is basically resolved by the end of the episode. The amulet/Spike sub plot does continue...basically it provides a cliffhanger at the end of ep one and carries on into ep two to become the main plot in ep two, so in my opinion ep two isn’t really a continuation of ep one.

2) Regarding Spike’s stuff: although we were led to believe that all of Sunnydale is at the bottom of a crater, we don’t really know if Buffy’s house, Xander’s apartment, or Spike’s old crypt were destroyed. And we also don’t know if Clem had any of Spike’s stuff from the crypt when he left town in the VW Beetle.

3) I’ve been thinking more about my speculation that we may not have any new episodes during December and January, and things that I’ve heard are making that speculation seem more likely. Episode 12 is Angel’s 100th episode, and I’ve been told that they’re planning big things for the episode. This episode should begin filming about mid December (which means James should be back by then). If they show eight or nine new episodes in a row in October and November, then it makes since that they wouldn’t have any new episodes until February because I’m sure this will be a sweeps episode. This would also be the perfect episode to bring in guest stars from "Buffy" and/or past "Angel" episodes.