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Sarah Thompson (Eve) New Role in the new ABC series

Monday 24 November 2003, by Webmaster

She will be a recurring character in the new ABC series "Line of Fire". She’s not on the firsts episodes cast.

The first episode will air on December 2th.

David Paymer Jonah Malloy

Leslie Bibb Paige Van Doren

Anson Mount Roy Ravelle

Leslie Hope Lisa Cohen

Jeffrey D. Sams Todd Stevens

Julie Ann Emery Jennifer Sampson

Brian Goodman Donovan Stubbin

Michael Irby Amiel McArthur

Kristen Shaw Janet Malloy

Line of Fire is a new drama series which parallels the lives of FBI agents and the underworld criminals they have sworn to take down in Richmond Virginia.

In the premiere episode, rookie FBI agents Paige Van Doren (Leslie Bibb) and Todd Stevens (Jeffrey D. Sams) are assigned to the Richmond, Virginia branch. Van Doren is overly eager with a strong moral center and a deep sense of purpose. Stevens is fast and smooth - one who’s willing to take shortcuts. Their new boss is Special Agent in Charge Lisa Cohen (Leslie Hope), a tough, no-nonsense leader. The branch is rocked by the violent death of Agent Bert Somers - the first such tragedy for most in this group. Agents Amiel MacArthur (Michael Irby) who was with Agent Somers when he was killed, grieve his loss tremendously, as does Agent Jennifer Sampson (Julie Ann Emery), who is a law enforcement officer by day; wife and mother of two by night.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Jonah Malloy (David Paymer), the local crime boss who runs his organization with an efficiency usually exhibited by much more legitimate businesses, meets with his team of henchmen. Donovan Stubbin (Brian Goodman) is one of Malloy’s chief lieutenants. They, too, are rocked by the shootout that killed the FBI agent as well as one of their own men. Malloy realizes that the heat from law enforcement is about to get much more intense, so he readies his team to prepare for war.

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