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’Save ANGEL Week’ Kicks Off With LA Rally

Monday 15 March 2004, by Webmaster

PR: ’Save ANGEL Week’ Kicks Off With LA Rally

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Campaign Efforts Span the Globe


’SAVE ANGEL WEEK’ KICKS OFF WITH LA RALLY Campaign Efforts Span the Globe

10 MARCH, LOS ANGELES— ANGEL fans from around the world are showering WB Co-CEO Jordan Levin with signs of devotion to their favorite vampire with a soul. From flower arrangements to advertising to rallies and blood drives, the campaigns to save the cancelled WB series ANGEL have hit full steam.

Burbank area florists received a mini economic boom as over 100 flower bouquets began delivery Wednesday to the offices of The WB, all aimed at Jordan Levin. Cards expressed sympathy for the potential loss of viewers, as well as words of support if the network reverses its decision. The initial suggestion came from The WB’s own online message board, and spread to all the campaign sites.

On Friday, the Save ANGEL Rally kicks off "Save ANGEL Week" which runs through March 19th. The LA Rally will draw hundreds to a peaceful demonstration in front of the Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, California. Rally organizer Pepper Aahz said, "We’re going to show the WB executives that there are enough fans to make a difference, that we are willing to fight for ANGEL."

Next Wednesday, March 17, will be national "Give Blood for ANGEL" day. Fans from around the country will be stopping by their local Red Cross blood bank to donate in the name of the series. Individual donor cards reading "I gave my blood for ANGEL" will be sent to the network in demonstration of how much fans want to see the show continued.

One campaign, at SavingAngel.org, has ads running in industry magazines, beginning with a March 9th full-page in The Hollywood Reporter. On March 15th, a similar ad will appear in Variety.

Earlier in the week, viewers were buoyed by insider information that their efforts had already returned the production companies and The WB to the negotiating table. A source with connections to Mutant Enemy posted a tip that talks were currently underway to bring ANGEL back from the dead. An earlier message sent from News Corporation’s UK satellite company BSkyB seemed to confirm that the parties were feeling the pressure from both ANGEL viewers and broadcasters.


The Save ANGEL Rally was originated and organized by Pepper Aahz, a 25-year-old mother of two in San Jose, California. Aahz feels a strong connection to the show, for a particularly personal reason: her autistic son learned to speak because of it. "Therapists and surgeries didn’t have the same impact on my child as a good guy saving the world with a cool sword. After two years of watching, he now has a semi-full vocabulary."

Said Aahz, "I owe it all to the cast and crew of Buffy [the Vampire Slayer] and Angel."

Through the series, Aahz has found friendship and escape from daily worries: "Because of this show, I have met the most amazing people. Every Wednesday, the same group of us meet to watch ANGEL, and regardless of personal stress, we can always put it aside for one hour, together."

Save Angel Rally-LA

Deana Travetti,
National Organizer,
Give Blood for ANGEL