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Sci Fi unveils new acquisitions : "Angel" & "Star Trek"

Darren Shelley

Friday 17 March 2006, by Webmaster

Hot on the heals of its announcement to launch a timeshifted service on April 3, Sci Fi today unveiled an array of iconic new acquisitions to bolster its 2006 line-up.

The list encompasses five series, headlined by Angel; four Stephen King mini-series; almost 30 movies, including seven titles from the Friday the 13th horror franchise; plus a host of Star Trek programming, including the digitally remastered original series.

A deal with Twentieth Century Fox has secured all five seasons of hit show Angel, starring David Boreanaz as a remorseful vampire-turned-vampire-killer. The series will air in the Spring, alongside the BBC drama serial Strange, which centres upon demon-hunting duo Samantha Janus and Richard Coyle.

Star Trek fans will also have much to shout about thanks to Sci Fi’s acquisition of all three digitally remastered original series, plus the documentary special Trekkies. There will also be six movie offerings from the world-renowned franchise: Star Trek II - VII.

Additional primetime offerings will include the space-operas Crusade (a Babylon 5 offshoot from Warner Bros) and Firefly, from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon. Re-licensed from Twentieth Century Fox, Firefly is also the forerunner to Whedon’s 2005 movie Serenity.

A range of horror fables will also be housed in Sci Fi’s MOVIE AT 10 slot, including Hemoglobin, Demon House, Witchboard 3 (all from Fries Films) and Friday the 13th Parts II - VIII (CBS Paramount). Four Stephen King mini-series, Salem’s Lot (Warner Bros), The Langoliers (CBS Paramount), Rose Red and Storm of The Century (both Buena Vista), will add to the fear-factor.

"SCI FI’s latest mix of acquisitions promises our viewers a steady stream of quality programming throughout the year," said Jon Farrar, Director of Programming at Sci Fi UK. "We have high hopes for the likes of Star Trek, Angel, and Firefly - shows that have a devoted and passionate following here in the UK."