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Sean Maher - "Firefly" Tv Series - Graffitiwithpunctuation.net Interview

Tuesday 10 July 2012, by Webmaster

Blake Howard: It has been announced that your good self and the rest of the cast of FireFly are getting back together Comic Con 2012 with Joss Whedon, is there something you guys are going to announce at Comic Con?

Sean Maher: I have nothing to tell you but I would be lying if I wasn’t thinking that myself. Everyone always asks are you making another one? And I’m like “I don’t know” because I really don’t know, but I don’t underestimate the power of Joss and now he has 10,000 times more power than he has ever had and it just seems like opportunities would be at his fingertips. I just saw him last week for ADR (addition dialogue recording) for Much Ado About Nothing and he didn’t mention anything but when Serenity was being made, I wasn’t privy to all the early development discussions. I was having dinner at his house, Summer [Glau] and I came over and Joss was cooking us dinner and I remember he was makin’ a Chilean seabass and he said “oh by the way I’m heading to cape cod to write the movie (Serenity)” and I was like “I’m sorry what?!?” And I still kind of didn’t believe him until the table read and we sat down and read the Serenity script and here we were with all of these people that I loved so much and these characters that I love so much and to just hear the words spoken again, that was when it really sunk in, so if there is something going on and I’m not being kept in the loop about it, I wouldn’t be surprised. He never ceases to surprise me.

BH: Does it still baffle you the global impact Firefly had with so few episodes?

SM: It’s a fine line where I’m absolutely baffled and awestruck but at the same time it doesn’t surprise me. We were so proud of what we did, that it resonated so strongly is sort of a reinforcement that people loved it as much as we did, but at the same time I believe its been 10 years since the show has been cancelled. It’s remarkable, I mean I feel humbled and grateful and I feel so blessed to have been a part of this phenomenon for lack of a better word.

BH: What is the strangest request that a brown coat has asked you at a convention?

SM: I’ve had people come up to me with their newborns that they’ve named Simon. Some people would think that’s strange but I was moved by it. You know, people dress up like us at conventions and people say “does that freak you out?” And I’m like, no, I’m honoured, I think that’s wonderful.

BH: I was hoping people were coming up to you for legitimate medical advice.

SM: Oh no, God no. They should not come up for legitimate medical advice from me I would steer them wrong. I would say have a glass of wine and worry about it in the morning.